Kontinuum Coffee at Graha Mitra Gatot Subroto Jakarta

January 3rd, 2018. I knew about this place from Aline. It’s actually opened in her office near the parking area #mitraterrace. After our lunch date, we went to Kontinuum Coffee to have a coffee time.


The coffee shop is very spacious. It was really a nice place to hang out with friends. I envy Aline. She could go there everyday! When I was there, there were people from office nearby. It’s a simple place with simple furnitures. Not a fancy or exclusive one. Just minimalist.

IMG_9880 IMG_9878 IMG_9883 IMG_9881 IMG_9886 IMG_9879 IMG_9882 IMG_9887 IMG_9884 IMG_9888 IMG_9885

Es Kosu 18k

Another version of Es Kopi Susu. It was sweet and milky. Recommended for es kopi susu lovers. Like me. Hahaha..


Dirty Coffee 28k

Such a particular name. Dirty Coffee. It was Aline’s order. I forgot what inside the coffee. But I loved the way they put cereal on top of the coffee. It waaaaaas good!

IMG_9894 IMG_9889

Bolu Marmer 11k

Kinda missed this cake. My mom-in-law always made it for us. But since I often got cakes from endorsement, we were full of cakes in our home. And I missed the marmer cake. So when I saw in Kontinuum, I ordered it right away. It was delicious. The tender texture and the perfect taste. OMG! Definitely, I will order it again when I go to Kontinuum.


Congrats Kontinuum for the opening.

Kontinuum Coffee
Graha Mitra Terrace
Jl. Gatot Subroto
IG: @kontinuum.coffee


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