Okuzono Japanese Dining at Suryo Senopati Jakarta

January 3rd, 2018. Okuzono invited me to their grand opening, but too bad I couldn’t come. So when I had time to visit the place, I asked for a reservation. Aline kept me company with her two co-workers, Icha and Mas Adi. *heyho guys*


Okuzono caught my heart with their spacious place and very instagramable. The warm and relaxing ambiance of authentic Japanese Restaurant with a simple touch made me very comfortable. I love their table bars. I could see they “play” with the food and fire. COOL! Anyway, I went there again with Vivi. So happy!

IMG_9856 IMG_9855 IMG_9857 IMG_9858 IMG_9853 IMG_9859 IMG_9844 IMG_9845 IMG_9852 IMG_9851 IMG_9849 IMG_9848 IMG_9861 IMG_9850 IMG_9846 IMG_0421

House Green Tea (Refill) 30k


Chirashi Donburi 120k

Tuna Sashimi Rice Bowl

It was Vivi’s order and I didn’t give it a try. So, yeah, no review.


Unagi Donburi 140k

Char-Grilled Eel Kabayaki Rice Bowl

I always loved unagi. So I ordered this one, and yes, the unagi was delicious. It was a good portion of a bowl of rice too. The sweet caramelized unagi sauce absorbing perfectly over the grilled unagi and steamed rice. Look at the glazed unagi fillets. Tempting! I just needed more unagi in the bowl. LOL.

IMG_9874 IMG_9875 IMG_9877

Chicken Nanban 95k

Chicken Served with Original Tartar Sauce

This was Aline’s order. But on the 2nd visit, I ordered it too. *wink wink* Delightful fried chicken coated in a crispy egg batter that’s soaked in sweet and sour Nanban sauce topped with tartar sauce. The chicken nanban is actually a Kyusyu region take on the popular Karaage chicken. Yes. Karaage chicken, ftw. Well, that’s what I read somewhere on internet. It was really good with the perfect texture of the chicken, and well-seasoned sauce enhanced the flavour of the chicken. They served it with tamagoyaki too. Excellent!

IMG_9864 IMG_9865 IMG_9867

Gyu-tan Saikyo-Miso Yaki 130k

Char-Grilled Beef Tongue Glazed with Saikyo Miso

It was Icha’s order, so I just tried the gyutan. It was definitely tasty, well-seasoned, flavourful, and one of the best gyutan I’ve ever tried. The tenderly chewy texture was really overwhelming.

IMG_9866 IMG_9868 IMG_9869

Hakoniwa Masu Sushi Set 195k

Aburi-Tai with Uni / Chirashi Sushi / Chicken Soboro

It was Mas Adi’s order, and I didn’t try it. So, again, no review. *sorry* But from Mas Adi’s expression, I think it must be very very good. Hehehe..

IMG_9873 IMG_9872 IMG_9871 IMG_9870

Kinoko Tempura 40k

Assorted Mushroom Tempura

Tempura (天ぷら) are pieces of lightly battered, deep fried seafood and vegetables. Kinoko (きのこ, mushrooms) are also popular ingredients for tempura. All different types of mushrooms are used, especially shiitake and maitake. It was really good. I teased Aline. “Please hand over the banana fritter!” LOL. Yup, it looked like banana fritter. Hihihi..


Matcha Affogato 40k

Matcha Ice Cream with Matcha Sauce

Actually, on my 1st visit, we ordered dessert too. But it was too looooooong. More than half an hour for the dessert to come to our table. Well, we cancelled it before it came. But along the way, it finally came to us. When we told them about it, they came to apologise and took the dessert away from our table. *sobbing* So on my 2nd visit, I asked Vivi to order dessert. Matcha Affogato was her choice. It was matcha ice cream, served with matcha sauce. Such a sweet twist.


Congratulations Okuzono for the opening.

Okuzono Japanese Dining
Jl. Suryo No.1
Senopati, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 27933565
IG: @okuzono.id

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