Kopi Segala at Warung Ngarab Ciranjang Senopati Jakarta

January 3rd, 2018. I found out that Kopi Segala opened just outside of Warung Ngarab. I had plans to visit the place many times, but I was just a bit hesitant with the place. So when I had time to visit the place, I did that.


Well, when I arrived there, I was amazed by the beauty of it. Whether you called it a hidden gem, or a humble coffee shop, or whatever pretty about it, I couldn’t agree more. The people are very friendly.

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Es Kopi Susu 20k

Opened since October 2017, they collaborated the place with Warung Ngarab. I wasn’t into food at the time. So I ordered Es Kopi Susu. Their version of es kopi susu was quite good. It wasn’t too sweet, not too coffee. Definitely perfect for es kopi susu lovers.


Great job Kopi Segala. Cannot wait to try your other beverages.

Kopi Segala
Warung Ngarab
Jl. Ciranjang No.11
Senopati, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 7200602
IG: @kopi_segala