SERASA Coffeetaria at Cibulan Raya Senopati Jakarta

January 2nd, 2018. End of November 2017, I saw SERASA Coffeetaria profile on their IG account, telling people that they will open for public early December. But, I didn’t have a chance to go there until the day. Thank you Aline for having fun with me.


SERASA is a combination of a coffee shop and cafeteria. A modern lifestyle harmonising coffee and authentic Indonesian food in a cushy industrial space. What a great place to have lunch! We had a very amazing time. And please come earlier since it will be super crowded on lunch time.

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Nasi Uduk 12k – Nasi Merah 10k – Tumis Kerang 9k – Bakwan Jagung 6k – Terong Balado 9k – Telur Balado 8k – Ayam Suir 18k – Tumis Buncis 9k

We thought the same thing about the food. So delicious! I love the tumis kerang, terong balado, telur balado and ayam suir. OMG! Tasted so delicious, we were very happy. Such a heavenly experience. Hahaha. And we told everybody to go there. It’s a home cooking, for sure.

IMG_9815 IMG_9818 IMG_9817

Es Kopi Susu Pelipur Lara 25k

They also called it Kopi Kocok. It was one of their signature coffees. Not too sweet with strong flavour of coffee. Recommended!

IMG_9827 IMG_9829

Congratulations SERASA. Thanks for the delicious food. Keep it coming, please!

SERASA Coffeetaria
Jl. Cibulan Raya No.17 A
Senopati, Jakarta
Phone: +62 818-0841-4141
IG: @serasacoffeetaria

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