Tom Sushi at Grand Indonesia East Mall Thamrin Jakarta

November 18th, 2017. What an honour for me to host an event in a new restaurant in one of the prestigious malls in Jakarta. Wow. I couldn’t believe myself. Tom Sushi opened for public on Nov 21st. So, Nov 18th and 19th, only for bloggers and IGers. Yes, it’s different, for sure. Blogger have blog. Period. Ok, back to Tom Sushi. They trusted me to host the event. (Btw, so sorry for the late review.) It opened in Grand Indonesia East Mall. It’s very nice for office workers around Grand Indonesia to have lunch there, since their concept is fast paced with a sushi belt feature. Once you get the seat, they will provide you the information about the concept, and you can right away grab the sushi on the sushi belt. No need to wait for anything.


Do not imagine it as a super spacious place with comfortable seat. It’s just a small area with quick lunch concept. Just around the belt. There are 2 tables with seats which they prepared for 4 pax but I guess it’s too cramped. So, better 2 pax each on the tables, I think. The great advantage of the place is the not-so-expensive price. There are 3 prices depending on the color of the plate: yellow plate 10k, red plate 15k and blue plate 20k. The ocha is only 3k, and free-refill *yiipee*

IMG_8266 IMG_8270 IMG_8288 IMG_8291 IMG_8292 IMG_8265 IMG_8269 IMG_8274 IMG_8271 IMG_8268


Those food were all delicious. We were happy. Yup, the bloggers and the IGers that came at those days. They were smiling and giving two thumbs up to the food. Thank you guys for coming to Tom Sushi!

IMG_8272 IMG_8276 IMG_8280 IMG_8283 IMG_8284 IMG_8285 IMG_8287 IMG_8282

Congratulations Tom Sushi for the opening. Keep up the good work!

Tom Sushi
Grand Indonesia East Mall
Level LG #12
Jl. MH Thamrin, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 23580732
IG: @tomsushiidn

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