Back Office Bistro at Kelapa Gading Jakarta

December 30th, 2017. I was curious when I saw about Back Office Bistro in my Instagram timeline. So, when I was in the middle of the Kelapa Gading culinary journey, I asked hubby to take me there. It was not very easy to find the place. We were kinda driving around until we finally found the place.


Located in Ruko Inkopal, Back Office Bistro occupied a not-too-big area. When we came, there’s no one there. I was hungry, so we ordered something to eat. No coffee, actually. LOL. I wanted to order their coffee, but my tummy was too full and my head was too dizzy for drinking too much coffee..

IMG_9763 IMG_9765 IMG_9768 IMG_9764 IMG_9765

Ice Tea 12k


Soup of the Day 20k

I asked them about the soup of the day. They asked the kitchen, and they said, “Mushroom Soup.” When I tried the soup, I was happy that it was geeeewwwwddd! Slurrp it while it’s hot!


Taiwanese Ground Pork Stew 40k

with steam rice and sunny side up egg

We chose this one over the pork chop. And we had the same thought. It tasted like “bakcang.” Super delicious! The steam rice mixed perfectly with the pork stew. Anyway, my hubby just ate a small portion. Then he gave the rest of the portion to me. At the time, I was full too. So we decided to take it home. They asked me, “Why you don’t finish it? Is something wrong with the dish?” And we told them, “No. We are too full. We want to finish it later, at home.” And they smiled happily. What a nice people there.


Definitely will be back for more dishes. Wait for us!

Back Office Bistro
Ruko Inkopal Blok A no 35
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29745656
IG: @backofficebistro