Skywalker Coffee at Kelapa Gading Jakarta

December 30th, 2017. A friend told me that Skywalker Coffee opened in Kelapa Gading area. At that time, I was going home, so I guess, next time. Then, the moment came, when I had my culinary journey in Kelapa Gading. Thank you hubby for taking me there.


Actually they have another 2 outlets, TCC Batavia and Menara Kuningan. But I had never been there. LOL. I guess I prefer to go to their Kelapa Gading branch hahaha. Maybe because it’s the latest branch? Well, I have no idea. I put them on my list, actually. It’s very happy to visit the place, finally. Well, I like the people there. They were very friendly.

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Iced White 35k

It was actually their version of Es Kopi Susu. The texture was very nice. Too bad I didn’t really like the flavour. I guess it was too strong for me. I prefer they make it lighter. Well, maybe next time I will order their latte.


Ice Shaken Yakult Tea – Lychee 28k

A beautiful marriage between Lychee and Yakult. It’s definitely such a thirst-quenching drink with super delicious flavour. It was my hubby’s order but I was the one who finished it hahahaha.. I love lychee and yakult!


Banana Bread 20k

A very good banana bread. I was sorry that I had only ordered one slice. It’s very hard to find a perfect banana bread. Some banana bread that I’ve tried before, it was either hard to chew or hard to chew. Hahahaha. Yup, I prefer the mushy and tender one. And their banana bread was one of the best I’ve tried.


Skywalker Coffee
Jl. Raya Kelapa Hybrida QG 10 No. 38
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
IG: @skywalkercoffee

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