Beets and Bouts with Kala Coffee and Kuma Living at Oakwood Mega Kuningan Jakarta

January 19th, 2018. All of a sudden, my sister sent me IG story from her friend. It said that a new coffee shop opened in Kuningan area. Curiously, I visited the place and voila.. Kala Coffee opened with Kuma Living in Beets and Bouts at Oakwood, Mega Kuningan area.


Great thing about the day, they had this promotion “Pay as you like.” Woohoo. We came there to enjoy the coffee, for sure. Turned out, they were like a collaboration spaces. So in one space, they have 3 brands, and they supported each other. Beets and Bouts: famous for its healthy food. Kala Coffee: a new brand coffee shop in Jakarta. Kuma Living: for the beautiful plants. Such a great collaboration, right? The place is very beautiful. Warm and homey.

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I asked for one shot coffee, and it was very easy to fall in love with the coffee. The texture was very light with no “too-milky” coffee. And the flavour was overwhelming.


Flat White

It’s my sister’s order, but I didn’t try it.


Es Kopi Susu

The owner and the barista gave me a complimentary es kopi susu. And it was really different from any other es kopi susu. They used premium coffee. The texture was not too milky, not too light and still had a strong flavour from the coffee without overpowering the purpose of a whole idea of a cup of es kopi susu. Quite confusing, right? It was definitely a mind-boggling. LOL.


Foxy Red Smoothy Bowl

beets, strawberry, dates, pineapple, almond milk, topped with muesli, pineapple, coconut flakes, and strawberry (seasonal)

My sister ordered Acai Krema from Beets and Bouts. So I thought, I ordered something else from the menu, like their smoothy bowl. Their menu is not yet complete, so I ordered this foxy red. It was very sour, at first. But after some time, it became sweeter, with mushy texture. Maybe the sour came from the pineapple, but finally the dates sweetened the flavour. I think I will try their other smoothy bowls next time.


Anyway, congratulations for the opening Beets and Bouts with Kala Coffee and Kuma Living. Hip hip hooray!

Beets and Bouts x Kala Coffee x Kuma Living
Oakwood 1st Floor
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan
Kuningan, Jakarta
IG: @beetsandbouts @kalacoffeejkt

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