Sukotjo at Cipete Cilandak Jakarta

December 29th, 2017. I saw this one accidentally somewhere. Yes, it was really accidentally. Not like other people that saw on some people IG timeline, but still said “accidentally saw the new place.” LOL. Well, when I saw the name, Sukotjo, I knew right away it meant to be Susu Kopi Coklat hahaha.. It was a petite coffee shop with a cute concept: #BeliLewatJendela.


When we came, we didn’t know where to park our car. So hubby parked a little bit far from the place, I came inside alone. Then they told me to park in front of the coffee shop. I texted hubby to move the car, so he could come inside too. The place is very humble with simple ambiance. Like a traditional coffee shop with a touch of minimalism atmopshere.

IMG_9667 IMG_9668 IMG_9670 IMG_9671 IMG_9672 IMG_9677 IMG_9676 IMG_9673

Es Sukotjo 18k

Like I said before, Sukotjo means Susu Kopi Coklat. (Tjo read Co in old spelling) It was a really nice combination. Milk, Coffee and Chocolate. Together in one cup. If I come back to the place again, I wanna try their Es Coklat. My hubby was full at the time, so he didn’t try it. I think it will be as great as their Es Sukotjo.

IMG_9675 IMG_9674

Tahu Baso 17k

I was a little bit hungry, but not too hungry. So, I tried their tahu baso. It took some time to fry the tahu baso, so when it came to my table, my hubby ate it right away. And, it was HOT. Hahahaha.. Be patient, honey. LOL. It was a delicious tahu baso. Don’t forget to dip it with sweet soy sauce. Yummy.

IMG_9678 IMG_9679

Jl. Gaharu I Blok A No.94,
Cipete, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 7663341
IG: @sukotjo.kopi