Lock on Coffee at Prapanca Raya Dharmawangsa Jakarta

December 29th, 2017. When they opened the first day, Aline accidentally passed the place. Then she told me about Lock on Coffee. Then I stalked them on Instagram hahaha. Turned out, it was really their first day. So, I asked Aline to visit the place the next day. Too bad, after one place, Aline had to go back to office because of something. I went there only with hubby, then.


When I came inside, I met their smoking area first. Then, opened another door, and voila, non-smoking area. Yaaaay. The ambiance was pretty dim-light with dark brown colour furnitures. And when I talked to the people there, they said that the owner was a retired army. He has intentions to donate some of the profit from the coffee shop. Such a generous person, right?

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Cafe Latte

I love their cafe latte. The after taste was amazing. The texture was light and the flavour was overwhelming. I really really loved it. Funny thing. The barista gave my cafe latte in a take-away cup. she said that she couldn’t make a great latte art if I wanted my latte in a coffee mug. But when I opened the take-away cup, I didn’t think that it was a really bad latte art. It was very nice. And I told her. Hahaha. She looked happy. Yaaaay.


Iced Tea


Iced Chocolate

It’s hubby’s order since he loves iced chocolate. And after a sip, I agreed with him. The iced chocolate was very very delicious. It was bitter and very chocolaty! The texture was perfect, also. Super recommended for those iced chocolate lovers.


Congratulations Lock on Coffee. Cannot wait to be back!

Lock on Coffee
Jl. Prapanca Raya No.28
Dharmawangsa, Jakarta
Phone: +62 821-755-21371
IG: @lockoncoffee

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