Yoisho Ramen at Gunawarman Senopati Jakarta

January 15th, 2017. I don’t remember how I knew about this new place. I think it just came to me. Then I got invitation to the blogger gathering at Yoisho Ramen. Well, I told them that I’m not in the mood for meeting many people in a gathering. I prefer doing my foodtasting alone or with my close friends. So, I came today. Yiipee!


Why Yoisho (よいしょ)?

The word “Yoisho” is classified as a call or a shout of encouragement to oneself or to others. It also embodies the spirit of our restaurant and the dish we served, a simple bowl of piping hot noodles with a world of depth to them, executed with an almost manic attention to detail that typifies the modern Japanese chef.

When I saw the place, I was very happy to see that they have outside area. It’s really good to take photos, of course. And the outdoor area is very beautiful. Simple but pretty. Well, I sat inside for sure. And I fell in love with the cute girl at the facade. She was eating ramen. LOL. Very cute. And I love the way they put funny murals inside, on the wall. It was really cheer me up. The place isn’t very spacious but very comfortable with great hospitality from the people there. And they have open kitchen. I didn’t have a chance to take photos there, since they were so busy, I was afraid I would disturb them LOL. Maybe next time ya. 🙂

IMG_0346 IMG_0347 IMG_0348 IMG_0353 IMG_0350 IMG_0344 IMG_0349 IMG_0351 IMG_0354 IMG_0352

Iced Ocha


Chicken Gyoza 39k

Really love their chicken gyoza. Tasted so good and flavourful. Actually, for me, it’s very hard to find a delicious gyoza. I tried a restaurant which said they specialized in gyoza, but when I tried the gyoza I was disappointed. So when I tried their chicken gyoza, I lowered my expectation. Turned out, it was really gewd!! The texture was perfect! Super recommended!

IMG_0358 IMG_0359

Chicken Karaage 39k

The texture of the chicken was juicy on the inside but not very crispy on the outside. I loooooved it! I didn’t really like too-crispy texture on the outside of my chicken karaage. And it was not too salty. I fell in love with my first bite of this tender, delicous, slightly crispy and juicy piece of chicken! Yum!

IMG_0360 IMG_0361

Honey Butter Potato Chips 33k

Actually, they should put chilli powder on top of the potato chips. But I asked them not to hahaha.. It was very good. The crunchy and crispy texture. Hmm.. The combination of sweet honey and creamy butter on thinly-sliced, crunchy potatoes will definitely tickle your taste buds. Addicting!


Miso Paitan Ramen 55k

IMG_0356 IMG_0357

Cheese Miso Ramen

This is their new menu. And it was superb! They said I was the first one to try this menu. Woohoo! The chicken charsiu was tender and juicy. Served with tamago, corn and cheese. The texture of the broth was rich and fatty and very flavorful. And I love how they put the cheese in the form of grated cheese. Well, the miso itself was well-seasoned, and to add cheese was a genius thought. OMG! I wish they used pork charsiu. LOL. Kidding! It’s definitely “halal.” No pork no lard. *still sobbing* hahaha..

IMG_0362 IMG_0363

Congratulations Yoisho Ramen for making my lunch super delicious. Good luck on the Grand Opening. Hope I can be there.

Yoisho Ramen
Jl. Gunawarman No. 42
Senopati, Jakarta
Phone: +62 811-1811-100
IG: @yoishoramen

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