Coffee on Fifth at Pantai Mutiara Pluit Jakarta

November 2nd, 2017. Such a hidden gem. It was on second floor, so it’s really hidden, right? LOL. We were a bit hesitant initially, but then after we went upstairs, we were very sure. Coffee on Fifth is there. Hahaha.


When I stepped inside, I instantly fell in love the place. It was beautiful, comfortable, cosy and made me want to snug as a bug in a rug. When we arrived there was no people there. But after some times, people came and enjoyed their time there.

IMG_7405 IMG_7406 IMG_7408 IMG_7409 IMG_7410 IMG_7411 IMG_7412 IMG_7414 IMG_7413 IMG_7407

Iced Latte 36k

I love the iced latte. It was sweet, but not sugary sweet. It was sweet from the milk. What a nice iced latte on the hot day.


Yangzhou Fried Rice with Deep Fried Chicken 55k

Yangzhou Fried Rice tossed with Spam, served with Deep Fried Chicken & Sunny-side-up Egg.

It was one of the best yangzhou fried rice. OMG! T’was really really good. The perfect texture of the fried rice, delicious spam and tasty deep fried chicken with sunny-side-up egg. I was very happy about it. But I have to give it to hubby since his food was spicy. So we exchanged the food hahahaha..

IMG_7422 IMG_7423

Mie Tek Tek 49k

Indonesian-style Noodles tossed with Chicken Breast and Egg, served with Acar.

It was hubby’s order. But as I said before, it was a little bit spicy. So it became mine hahahaha. I really loved the texture of the noodle. It wasn’t al-dente, for sure. I loved my noodles mushy and soggy. Hohoho. It was one of the best mie tek tek, trust me! Recommended!

IMG_7419 IMG_7420

Coffee on Fifth is definitely a keeper. Be back soon!!

Coffee on Fifth
Jl. Pluit Samudra 2
Pantai Mutiara
Pluit, Jakarta

Phone: +62 812-8555-6838
IG: @coffeeonfifth

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