Sushi Hiro at Suryo Senopati Jakarta

October 27th, 2017. I was very curious about Sushi Hiro since Hans told me that they’re very good. So, when it was opened in Senopati area, I was very overjoyed. Before Senopati, they opened in PIK and Kelapa Gading. Too far from my place. Senopati, just a nice distance from my neighborhood.


Located at Suryo street, the place is magical at night. The lightings are beautiful and magnificent. But, for me, I prefer come at noon, since I need to take photos of the food. Bright light from the day is always the best. And lucky me, Hans treated us there. Yaaaaay. Thanks babe. *kiss kiss* So, at the day, I came on time. Then I waited for Cindy and Aline, and finally Hans came, after trapped in traffic jam *pukpuk*. The place was outrageously crowded. Thank goodness Hans already booked the table for us.

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Sushi Stairs (pricing depends on the items ordered)

They served sushi moriawase in a form of stairs. Moriawase means combination platter or assorted. So, it can be anything. Inside the stairs were: Aburi Salmon Belly Foie Gras (1 piece) 45k, Aburi Salmon Cheese (2 pieces) 25k, Salmon Volcano Roll (2 pieces) 40k, Hotate Volcano Roll (1 piece) 40k, Aburi Beef Onsen Egg Roll (1 piece) 40k. Those sushi were all delicious. Melt-in-your-mouth kind of sushi. My favourite of course the one with foie gras hohohoho. Yes, everything with foie gras is always dabest!

IMG_7270 IMG_7275

Ultimate Truffle Gyu Don 85k

Truffle sauce, US Beef, Onsen Egg and garlic chip

When it came to our table, I spotted the truffle, in a jiffy. Ugh, it was yumyum. The US Beef was tender and juicy. Always love onsen egg. It was definitely one of the best truffle gyu don. We literally fought for the truffle gyu don. Hahahaha.

IMG_7260 IMG_7261 IMG_7267

Okonomiyaki Onsen Egg 60k

The best okonomiyaki so far! Trust me! It was very delightful. The texture of the okonomiyaki was tender and delicate. Okonomiyaki means grilled as you like it. It’s a savory version of Japanese pancake. It’s very genius to use onsen egg with the okonomiyaki. Hohoho. The combination of the texture were overwhelming. And it tasted heaven! Super recommended!

IMG_7263 IMG_7264

Chicken Katsu Don 50k

It was Azka’s order. I tried it and I agreed with Azka. He loved it. It was big portion with delicious taste of the chicken katsu. Well, I loved it too hahaha..

IMG_7265 IMG_7266

Ultimate Truffle Tori Dry Ramen 60k

I don’t think it was in the menu. Hans ordered this one for us. When I tried this one, my heart exploded! It was super duper delicious. Generous minced chicken with beautiful onsen egg. And I love the texture of the dry ramen. It was so tender, perfect for my taste bud.OMG! Right now I’m drooling while writing about it.

IMG_7276 IMG_7278

Thank you Sushi Hiro and of course my lovely bro, Hans, for making our lunch happier. Super yaaaaay!

Sushi Hiro
Jl. Suryo No. 24
Senopati, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 72800108
IG: @sushihiro_id

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