[EVENT] Rosso’s Christmas Eve and Day set menu at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

November 14th, 2017. OMG I totally forgot to make review about this one. I was invited to Rosso to try their Christmas menus. And I will tell you about it right now. *sorry Ami for the late review* Actually I loved the way they decorated the table situation for the Christmas decorations. You can seeContinue reading “[EVENT] Rosso’s Christmas Eve and Day set menu at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta”

[EVENT] Exclusive Winter Dinner with Pasta House AWkitchen by Akira Watanabe

December 13th, 2017. After lunch and afternoon tea, we visited AWkitchen by Akira Watanabe at Plaza Indonesia for an exclusive Winter Dinner with several foodies. We arrived on time, but still waited for some people to come. In AWkitchen, they served dishes in 4 seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Now, we were in winterContinue reading “[EVENT] Exclusive Winter Dinner with Pasta House AWkitchen by Akira Watanabe”

Afternoon Tea Buffet at Fountain Lounge Grand Hyatt Jakarta

December 13th, 2017. After trying new menu at one of the good places at Mega Kuningan, we went to Grand Hyatt for an afternoon tea buffet. We walked through the Christmas Market. Yes, this year, for the first time, the Grand Lobby will be transformed into a fascinating Christmas market, complete with traditional wooden chalets,Continue reading “Afternoon Tea Buffet at Fountain Lounge Grand Hyatt Jakarta”

[NEW MENU] Rock Paper Scissors at The East Tower Mega Kuningan Jakarta

December 13th, 2017. I got the invitation and could bring friends, so I asked Aline and Cindy to come with me. I arrived at Rock Paper Scissors around 10:30am. They were still closed, but they allowed me to sit there. After that, at 11am, I ordered coffee and brownies. Pssst, the brownies was addicting. ThenContinue reading “[NEW MENU] Rock Paper Scissors at The East Tower Mega Kuningan Jakarta”

Sixtynine Coffee at Ruko Manyar PIK Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

December 10th, 2017. After Pluit area, we went to PIK Pantai Indah Kapuk to visit Sixtynine Coffee. Opened last month, I instantly asked hubby to take me there. I never went to their first outlet in Pluit. But I wanted to go to the PIK outlet since it was new hahaha. The coffee shop wasContinue reading “Sixtynine Coffee at Ruko Manyar PIK Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta”

Khayal Coffee Studio at Pejompongan Raya Jakarta

December 12th, 2017. I wanted to visit Khayal Coffee Studio since its opening on the first day, but I didn’t have a chance. So, on that lovely Tuesday, I visited the coffee shop. Anyway, it’s their second outlet. The first one was in Denpasar, Bali. Located in Le Green Suite, Khayal Coffee was very easyContinue reading “Khayal Coffee Studio at Pejompongan Raya Jakarta”

Bhumi Coffee at Pluit Karang Permai Jakarta

December 10th, 2017. I knew about Bhumi Coffee just before they opened. But again, I had to wait until the time to visit the area. I saw on my IG timeline that everybody had already went there to try their es kopi susu. I was very curious. Hahaha. Located on the Pluit Karang Permai street,Continue reading “Bhumi Coffee at Pluit Karang Permai Jakarta”

[PONTIANAK] Kwe Kia Theng, Pisang Goreng Four V & Rumah Makan 89 at Gajah Mada Pontianak

October 6th, 2017. When in Pontianak, we explored Gajah Mada street for culinary journey. ********** Kwe Kia Theng is a local street food from Tio Ciu. It’s easy to find Kwe Kia Theng in Pontianak. And they said the popular one was the one at Gajah Mada street. So, that night I visited Gajah MadaContinue reading “[PONTIANAK] Kwe Kia Theng, Pisang Goreng Four V & Rumah Makan 89 at Gajah Mada Pontianak”

Atlast Kahve & Kitchen at Gading Serpong Tangerang

December 16th, 2017. Yaaaay another weekend getaway. This time we stayed from Saturday to Monday. My first place to visit was Atlast Kahve & Kitchen. I saw from their IG account that they opened on Dec 11th, 2017. So, we visited there after touched down Gading Serpong. Located very near SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong, AtlastContinue reading “Atlast Kahve & Kitchen at Gading Serpong Tangerang”

[SINGKAWANG] Toko Kopi Nikmat at Sejahtera Singkawang Kalimantan

October 6th, 2017. It’s time for us to leave Singkawang and back to Pontianak. And then I remembered that I forgot to visit Warung Kopi Nikmat. So, I asked the driver to drive us there. Yaaaaaay. Still had time before we drove back to Pontianak. It’s a traditional coffee shop. Do not expect a fancyContinue reading “[SINGKAWANG] Toko Kopi Nikmat at Sejahtera Singkawang Kalimantan”

[SINGKAWANG] Nasi Ayam 339 & Bakmi Singkawang at Pasar Turi Singkawang

October 6th, 2017. My morning at Pasar Turi Singkawang with my mom-in-law and hubby’s cousin. ********** Nasi Ayam 339 was one of our favourite pork rice in Singkawang. We drove to Pasar Turi, and walked around to find Nasi Ayam. Actually it was Nasi Campur with pork and chicken. I didn’t eat at the place.Continue reading “[SINGKAWANG] Nasi Ayam 339 & Bakmi Singkawang at Pasar Turi Singkawang”

timbrè coffee at Pluit Sakti Jakarta

December 10th, 2017. When I knew about this new coffee shop, I wanted to visit timbrè coffee right away. Too bad, it opened in Pluit area. I had to spare time to go there. I never thought that timbrè coffee is a petite coffee shop. I thought it’s a spacious one with thematic atmosphere. But,Continue reading “timbrè coffee at Pluit Sakti Jakarta”