fu fu fu at Ruko Scientia Residence Gading Serpong Tangerang

December 16th, 2017. Well, actually I arrived at fu fu fu first before I went to level 2. But we just had our lunch, so I thought I should go for coffee first before another lunch. LOL. After coffee, we went back to level 1, and ordered food there.


It was their first day opening. The owner was very nice, and she said that I was the first blogger that coming to their place. She surprised that I knew about them hahaha. The place is very comfortable with very friendly and helpful people. When I came, I think they were inviting friends and family. It was happy to see the place full-packed. 🙂

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Iced Tea 12k


Beauty Rose Iced Tea 23k

Refreshing drink! Love it. It’s aromatic and not too sweet. There were thin jelly inside the iced tea. Nice one. The owner recommended this one for me. And it’s lychee flavour, if I’m not mistaken. Hahaha. My weakness, for sure.


Little Fū 35k

1 Steam Rice, 1 Chicken, 1 Veggie

Hubby ordered this one. Big portion of rice, Chicken Plum Sauce and String Bean with Ebi. I love the chicken plum sauce and the string bean. The texture of the chicken was delicate with tasty plum sauce. And the string bean was crunchy. Super gewd!


Mama Fū 43k

1 Steam Rice, 1 Chicken / Beef / Seafood, 1 Veggie, 1 Soup

I chose this menu. Big portion of rice *yaaay* Ginger Spring Onion Beef, Comeo with Salted Fish, and Seaweed Soup. Well, I put high expectation to the beef, but it needed more flavour, I guess. But the comeo was really good!!! And the seaweed soup? Great job Mama Fū. LOL.


Prawn Cakue

OMG! Even my hubby who never liked prawn, agreed with me that this one was super delish. The cakue was crunchy. The prawn was very tasty. Dip it into the mayonnaise, and enjoy the luscious taste.


Fried Wonton

Small portion with huge effect on us hahaha. We munched it nonstop. We hope they gave us a bigger bowl hahahaha..


Banana Cheese

Same with previous snacks, we loved this one. The banana was tender and sweet. No need anything to add, we just enjoyed the sweet snack. Thank you for making such a delicious snack.


Congratulations fu fu fu for the opening. Definitely will be back when I’m in Serpong area. Wait for us!!

fu fu fu
Ruko Scientia Residence 1st level
Jl. Scientia No 19
Gading Serpong, Tangerang
Phone: +62 811-135-855
IG: @fufufu.id

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