[PONTIANAK] Warung Kopi Asiang at Merapi Pontianak Kalimantan

October 7th, 2017. I heard about this coffee shop a long time ago, but I totally forgot the name. When someone told me about a famous topless barista in the most crowded coffee shop, and the name of the barista is Asiang, I thought, “OMG! A topless lady!” Stupid me. It’s a man, for sure. So we asked the driver to drive us to the legendary Warung Kopi Asiang.


Asiang served coffee since 1958. Wow! And I think it’s the most crowded coffee shop in town. Opened since 3am to 6pm, they said the most crowded time was in 6am to 11am. When I came, it’s almost 3pm, and it was really really crowded. I had to fight for our table in front of the coffee shop LOL. And the way Mr Asiang made coffee, was really a nice attraction. He used his topless way to give a characteristic for his coffee shop. And that’s why I came to the place. To see how he made the coffee. Well, I made the video, but I think you better go there to see yourself. It was fun, indeed!

IMG_6353 IMG_6349 IMG_6354 IMG_6339 IMG_6342 IMG_6340 IMG_6338

Es Kopi Susu

Finally I could try the most famous coffee in town. And it was just like the talks. It was really really good. So far, it’s the best in Pontianak. Sweet coffee flavour and perfect texture. Just my luck!


Es Milo

It’s hubby’s order. Yeah, he cannot drink coffee. So I ordered milo iced for him hihihi. It was good, just like any other milo iced. Not to sweet. Such a refreshing drink for hot day.


Hi Mr Asiang, I salute you! Keep up the good work.


Warung Kopi Asiang
Jl. Merapi
Pontianak, Kalimantan
Phone: +62 813-1718-1918
IG: @wk.asiang