Nam Min Toast & Coffee at Ruko New Jasmine Gading Serpong Tangerang

December 16th, 2017. Nam Min was the oldest bakery in Balikapapan. Since 1958. Wow. I wasn’t even born yet. And this month, they opened in Gading Serpong area. Nam Min Toast & Coffee. The owner told me that her father opened in Balikpapan, and now his brother managed the place. She manages the one in Gading Serpong.


Located in Ruko New Jasmine, Nam Min Toast & Coffee engaged a nice place with small outdoor area, and in front of the place you can see the open kitchen where they’re making the toast. The place looked warm with friendly people. They also have second floor, but when we came, they were still doing something upstairs, so I didn’t wanna interrupt them.

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Es Kopi Susu

It was an honour for me to try their es kopi susu. Come on! Since 1958! I must try their coffee. And it was amazingly delicious. I asked them to make it lighter for me. And I was happy that it was coffee with milk. Not milk with coffee. I personally preferred the coffee to have milkier texture, but not too milky.


Nougat Toast

They told me that the toast was homemade. And as a nougat lovers, I instantly ordered nougat flavour. I love the texture of the nougat, and of course the aroma was overwhelming. I couldn’t stop eating the nougat toast hahaha. Well, the texture of the toast was soft and fluffy. I think it’s one of the best nougat toasts.


Kaya Toast

They wanted us to try the kaya toast also. I think they’re very proud of the homemade kaya jam. And I could see why. The kaya jam was delicate with not too sweet flavour. It was like eating a sweet cloud. Hmmm..


Congratulations Nam Min Toast & Coffee for the opening at Gading Serpong. Hope to see more of you.

Nam Min Toast & Coffee
Ruko New Jasmine
Gading Serpong
Phone: +62 21 29506846