Agneya Restaurant at Wijaya Dharmawangsa Jakarta

December 7th, 2017. I knew about Agneya Restaurant around November when they just opened. So when I had a chance to visit the new place, I was very happy. We almost missed the place. Then I realized, it was previously a restaurant with bird cages in front of the place. Turned out that restaurant was closed, and Agneya replaced it.


I loved their facade. Beautiful with warm atmosphere. When I came in, I saw more beautiful corners inside. A host greeted me, and I asked her that is it ok to take photos there. And she said, “No, you can’t.” I was a little bit shocked. Then she said, “I will ask the owner. Just wait.” After a while, a man, maybe the manager, approached me and asked. I said, “I want to take photos for my blog. My personal blog.” He said, “You have to make an appointment first. I need to see the letter, something like agreement letter.” I was super shocked. “It’s just for my blog, sir.” Then, when he saw that I wanted to leave asap, he replied, “Ok you can take photos, but please don’t bother other people.” It was just us! No other customers at the time. Please deh! *rolling my eyes* And I never bother anybody when I took photos. Good thing, the servers were all nice and friendly. I felt welcomed.

IMG_8806 IMG_8809 IMG_8810 IMG_8811 IMG_8812 IMG_8813 IMG_8814 IMG_8815 IMG_8816 IMG_8817 IMG_8818 IMG_8819 IMG_8820 IMG_8821 IMG_8822

Es Teh 32k

iced black tea


Liang Teh 38k

iced herb tea


Tahu Telor 76k

crisp omelette with bean curd, roasted peanut sauce, beansprout in soy sauce tinted with shrimp paste

We told them that we didn’t want a spicy tahu telor. We always got a spicy one, though we always told the people to make it not spicy. But this time, hooraaaaaaay, no spicy tahu telor! Well, maybe a lil bit. Just a lil bit. But, even, my hubby said it wasn’t spicy at all. And it was delicious. I was afraid they will give us “pecel sauce.” Good thing it wasn’t hahaha.. It’s really peanut sauce. So happy! We were practically fighting over the food LOL.

IMG_8827 IMG_8829 IMG_8830

Nasi Goreng Ayam 76k

signature fried rice with chicken and egg baked under crispy cover, shallots and spices

Unique presentation. They put the fried rice in a big bowl, then an egg on top of the fried rice. Btw I ordered half-cooked sunny side up. And they failed to do that. I got cooked sunny side up. If it’s beef, I got the well-done instead of medium well. LOL. But I was too lazy to complaint at the time. Well, they put those rice and egg under crispy cover. Great thing, the fried rice was delicious. We were too full, so I took away the dish. After hours, I ate the rest of the rice, and it was still super good. Nice job Agneya.

IMG_8831 IMG_8833 IMG_8834

Congratulations Agneya for the opening. Hope to try your other dishes, soon. Good luck!

Agneya Restaurant
Jl. Wijaya IX No.23
Dharmawangsa, Jakarta
Phone: +62 823-1066-3640
IG: @agneyajakarta

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