[SINGAPORE] Descendants of Dragon Chicken Rice at Cavenagh Rd Singapore

September 25th, 2017. Yeah, it’s been 3 months ago LOL. Like I said all the time, I was very very busy with everything. I went to Singapore with hubby. He worked, I shopped. LOL. We stayed at a hotel in Orchard Rd. I will tell you later about the hotel. And, I found out that we stayed near street food at Cavenagh Rd, and I went there before with my friends. I was very happy since I loved the food there. It was when I found Descendants of Dragon Chicken Rice.


It was actually a stall. Not a fancy one, of course. It’s like food court but outdoor. Cool, aight? The funny thing, we could see birds stealing leftover food hahaha..

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Roasted Pork Rice $ 5.00

Hubby’s order. Crispy crunchy tender juicy roasted pork. Hmmm.. yummy. Succulent pork with fragrant seasoned sauce and warm rice. They roasted the pork perfectly so it’s tender and juice on the inside and browned and crunchy on the outside.


Char Siew Rice $ 5.50

My favourite!! Sticky, sweet, savory and deliciously perfect with steamed rice. Think about such a tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat with well-seasoned sauce. Char Siew literally means fork roast. ‘Char’ being fork and ‘siew’ being roast. I was named after the traditional cooking method for the dish: long strips of seasoned boneless pork are skewered with long forks and placed in a covered oven or over a fire. Unique. Deliciously unique. Addicting! Trust me. You should try it when in Singapore.


Descendants of Dragon Chicken Rice
22 Cavenagh Rd

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