Cornerstone Coffee & Workspace at Ruko Diamond Gading Serpong Tangerang

November 11th, 2017. We wanted to visit a new restaurant that opened some times ago. When we were heading to the restaurant, I saw a big sign about new coffee shop in Ruko Diamond. We turned around and entered the complex. Cornerstone Coffee & Workspace evidently just opened a week before.


I thought it was a small place, turned out it was quite cosy. They had their own roastery machine. They will have working space on second floor. I could imagine the place will full of people with the same affection and passion. I saw a lovely corner, and I chose the place to sit. I talked to the owner, and I could see her happy face when she talked about Cornerstone.

IMG_7959 IMG_7958 IMG_7949 IMG_7950 IMG_7951 IMG_7952 IMG_7957 IMG_7955 IMG_7954 IMG_7953 IMG_7956

Ice Lemon Tea 28k

IMG_7965 IMG_7966

Ice Matcha Latte 39k

When I ordered this one, I thought it was only matcha with latte. Turned out it was matcha coffee latte hahaha. And I didn’t tell them to make it only one shot coffee. It’s waaaay too strong for me. Good thing, the matcha did a good job in softening the strong coffee. It was really good!

IMG_7964 IMG_7963

Martabak Cake 42k

Finally. A delicious martabak cake. I never found a good martabak cake, until then. Too bad, we were so full, we couldn’t finish the cake. It was too big. Hmmm.. *rubbing my tummy* But it was really good. Previously, I prefer martabak stays as martabak. Cake stays as cake. But this one made a difference. Martabak can be a cake. LOL.

IMG_7961 IMG_7962

Congratulations Cornerstone. Cannot wait to be back again.

Cornerstone Coffee & Workspace
Ruko Diamond Blok 3 No. 60
Jl. Gading Golf Boulevard
Gading Serpong, Tangerang
Phone: +62 858 8591 6916
IG: @cornerstoneroastery