Origin Bakery at Ruko Crystal 1 Gading Serpong Tangerang

November 11th, 2017. I knew about this one from Gaby’s post. So when I had a chance to visit Serpong area, I asked hubby, “Should we visit the bakery or not?” And he said, “Up to you.” When we passed by the area, we decided to stop by at Origin Bakery, even though I was a little bit skeptical with the complex.


When I first came in, they offered us to sit on the second floor. So, I checked the second floor, first. They were baking when I was there. They also have smoking area upstairs. Well, I just took some photos and enjoyed the good smell from the baking area hahaha. Then, I went down. The first floor is smalller but more comfortable to sit. And I love the flowers they put on the table. So beautiful. The people there were very friendly. I had a good time there. 🙂

IMG_7923 IMG_7924 IMG_7925 IMG_7926 IMG_7927 IMG_7932 IMG_7928 IMG_7933 IMG_7935 IMG_7936 IMG_7929

Latte 32k

What a big cup of latte hahaha.. I was thirsty at the time, so it was so good to have a delicious latte in a big size cup. I didn’t really know about the beans, but I guess they used the good one. It was not too light but not too strong, without giving me a hard time. LOL. *lebay* I love their latte art too. It’s not easy to make a latte art. I tried before and it was so hard. Ok, enough about latte art hahahaha..


English Breakfast Tea 25k


Lemon Gluten-Free Cake 45k

Lovely presentation. I was drooling when I saw the cake. They said it’s gluten-free and I didn’t care. But when I tried, I knew that I didn’t like gluten-free cake hahahaha. I let my hubby finished it LOL. Thanks dear. It was good, but gluten-free wasn’t my things, I guess.

IMG_7940 IMG_7941

Origin Bakery
Ruko Crystal 1 No. 17
Jl. Gading Golf Boulevard
Gading Serpong, Tangerang
Phone: +62 21 22228237
IG: @originbakeryindonesia