[SINGAPORE] Gudetama Cafe at Suntec City Mall Singapore

September 26th, 2017. Yaaaaay, finally I visited Gudetama Cafe at Suntec City Mall. It’s been my target since its opening. So, when I had a chance to visit Singapore with hubby, I planned a day to come to Gudetama. Ugh, so happy!!!


Well, it was far from my hotel, but I took bus to Suntec City Mall and it’s really fun. I bought the EZ Link card from the ticket counter at MRT station. And it was worth it! It was very easy to use and very helpful. When I arrived at Gudetama Cafe, I was like a little girl again. Soooo happy!!! The place full of Gudetama. Gudetama is a Sanrio character introduced in 2013 based on an egg lacking in “spunk”. Their name is a play on “gude gude”; used to describe someone with no energy or strength and possibly tama from tamago (egg). They are sometimes seen with a man in an orange/yellow costume that fully covers the body.

IMG_5793 IMG_5791 IMG_5794 IMG_5795 IMG_5796 IMG_5797 IMG_5799 IMG_5800 IMG_5801 IMG_5802 IMG_5804 IMG_5805 IMG_5807 IMG_5808 IMG_5812 IMG_5813 IMG_5814 IMG_5815 IMG_5816 IMG_5817 IMG_5818 IMG_5819

Complimentary Water

I asked them, “Can I buy the bottle?” And they replied, “No, you can’t!” *sobbing*

IMG_5824 IMG_5825

Latte $ 6.00

I love the cute Gudetama latte art! Couldn’t stop taking pictures of it. The glass was cute, too. The latte was good but nothing really special except for the cute Gudetama on top of it.

IMG_5811 IMG_5809 IMG_5810

Gudetama Lobster Onsen $ 16.00

Luscious lobster bisque in a crusty bread bowl, with a relaxed and chilling Gudetama.

I wasn’t very hungry. That’s why I ordered this soup. I was happy when it came to my table. It was so cute!! Swimming Gudetama! LOL! Tasted really good with rich texture and well-seasoned flavour. I will be back for more dishes!

IMG_5822 IMG_5820 IMG_5823

Thank you so much Gudetama Cafe for making me very happy that day!

Gudetama Cafe
Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard, 01-361
Phone: +65 6677 6195
IG: @gudetamacafesg