Hello Sunday Eatery & Desserts at Cikini Jakarta

September 9th, 2017. So sorry for my late review about Hello Sunday. Yes, it was 2 months ago, OMG! I was super duper busy! And a little bit forgetful? LOL. Ok, let’s start about the review, ok? I was invited to Hello Sunday, to try their food. I was very happy, since I wanted to visit the place, but never had a chance.


Located on 2nd floor of Metropole 21, Hello Sunday is a lovely place. Before came to the place, I saw their photos from my Instagram timeline. And when I came inside, I could see the beauty of the place. Bright atmosphere with lovely ambiance. I loved their outdoor area. Very good for those #OOTD lovers. 🙂

IMG_4548 IMG_4526 IMG_4520 IMG_4530 IMG_4525 IMG_4519 IMG_4517 IMG_4522 IMG_4524 IMG_4523 IMG_4521


sunday’s crispy 35k

with beef flakes

spicy racha wings 50k

signature spicy chicken wings with sriracha sauce


Sunday's Crispy was my favourite.
Didn't have chance to take photos, since it's gone in a jiffy. LOL.
The spicy racha wings were spicy. Not my kinda food.


saigon chicken salad 70k

seared chicken breast, papaya, mango, pomelo, served with vietnamese dressing


quinoa beef salad 90k

organic quinoa, baby spinach, beef bulgogi, edamame beans, sweet corn, soft boiled egg, served with korean spicy dressing


I chose quinoa beef salad over saigon chicken salad.
It's really delicious with the well-seasoned beef bulgogi.
A little bit spicy, but I could still enjoying the salad.
Definitely one recommended salad, even for those who didn't like salad.


BIG! chicken waffle 105k

giant crispy waffle, butter soy sauce & chicken strip


sunday special angel hair pasta 160k

served with salmon


rosemary chicken 146k

rosemary & coriander marinated chicken


I loved my rosemary chicken! Pleasant taste with flavourful puree potato.
They grilled the chicken, and the result was spectacular.
The skin of the chicken was very crunchy yet tender.
The chicken meat was also tender and juicy. I gave 100 points for the chicken!
The BIG! chicken waffle was too big for me. But it's very unique.
2 chicken fillets with 2 waffles *with a perfect texture* pilling up.
One recommended dish to share with your loved one.
The sunday special angel hair pasta was also good.
Served with a very thick salmon with great flavour and texture.


putu waffle 25k (quarter size)


sunday’s in waffle bar 39k

freshly baked belgian waffle paired with soft ice cream es teler flavour & handcrafted topping


BIG! honey toast 125k

soft ice cream java tea flavour


Putu Waffle was very particular menu, I guess. And it was funtastic.
Inspired by a traditional Kue Putu, they combined the putu with waffle.
Not a fancy menu, but worth-to-try.
I love my sunday's in waffle bar. Tasted so good with es teler soft ice cream.
The waffle itself was in perfect texture. Dabest.
BIG! honey toast was good for sharing dessert.
Love the java tea flavour.


affogato 45k

IMG_4583 IMG_4597

avocado fresco 55k

fresh avocado, chocolate, soft ice cream kopi tubruk & topping with choco nibs


iced lychee lemonade 50k

a combination of lemon, lychee & tea, topping with nata de coco, basil seeds & homemade lemon sorbet


iced yuzu morrocan mint tea 45k

good combination of yuzu orange fruit & morrocan mint tea, topping with nata de coco & basil seed


All of the drinks were delicious.
Iced lemonade and Iced Yuzu were thirst-quenching drinks. So refreshing!
The affogato was quite strong.
I only tried a sip, and gave it the rest to my friends. LOL.

Thank you Hello Sunday for the lovely lunch we had. See you again soon.

Hello Sunday
Metropole 21 Level 2
Jl. Pegangsaan Timur No. 21
Cikini, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 31900404
IG: @hellosundayindonesia