Sofia Restaurant at The Gunawarman Senopati Jakarta

October 12th, 2017. I was very happy when I received invitation from Sofia at The Gunawarman. I wanted to visit the place, but a little bit afraid with the place. Well, it looked very intimidating. Don’t blame me. Look for yourself. Hahaha. But, finally, after visited the place, it’s not that scary. 🙂


A radiant naturally lit gourmet restaurant decorated gracefully with a row of striking floor-to-ceiling arc windows that serves exceptional Italian, French and Asian cuisines with a comfort of everyday dining approach.

Located at Hotel The Gunawarman, Sofia stood beautifully with the elegant and luxury ambiance. But, I felt the friendly gesture from the place. Well, I came to an IGers gathering, so it’s very fun to meet different kind of people.

IMG_6496 IMG_6497 IMG_6499 IMG_6501 IMG_6498 IMG_6500 IMG_6502 IMG_6503 IMG_6504 IMG_6505 IMG_6508 IMG_6509 IMG_6515 IMG_6516 IMG_6511 IMG_6513 IMG_6514 IMG_6507

A journey and feast on a Family Style Menu that is truly Sofia. Modern on Classic. Comforting with a good number of the Chef’s personal favourites growing up. by Chef Justina Harjono.



coconut-shoyu butter, parmesan


shrimp donut

jalapeno maya, avocado


chicken liver mousse

milk toast, maple, kai-ware


From those snacks, I loved chicken liver mousse. The texture was lovely.
First, I thought it will be super slimey. Turned out it was perfectly gooey.


chilled salmon confit

grapes, shallot, tangerine


spicy sunbathing prawn

curry leaves, lime, evoo

IMG_6523 IMG_6524

curly kale

caesar dressing, crispy chicken skin, brioche crumbs

IMG_6525 IMG_6526 IMG_6529

I love the sunbathing prawn. So delicious! Well-seasoned.
Some said the salmon confit was good, but for me, still the prawn.
The texture was juicy and not-chewy. Dabest!


6-hour bolognese

spaghetti, parmesan

IMG_6531 IMG_6538

pan-roasted chicken

shoyu-truffle butter, edamame, almond milk, onsen egg

IMG_6532 IMG_6534

grilled ox tongue

roasted radish, sesame, yuzukosho


charred cauliflower

greek yoghurt, basil, lemon


I fell in love with the 6-hour bolognese. OMG! It's so good!
The texture of the pasta was perfect! I never liked al dente pasta hahaha..
The minced meat was very generous, with succulent flavour.
The pan roasted chicken was too salty for me.
The grilled ox tongue was a little bit too hard to chew.



honey pannacotta, burnt meringue, kahlua granita


petit four

selection of cake, macaron and chocolate

IMG_6540 IMG_6543

I didn't really like the tiramisu, but the petit four were fantastic.
Love those cute cake, macaron and chocolate.

Thanks Sofia at The Gunawarman and Chef Justina Harjono for the lovely lunch.

Sofia Restaurant
Jl. Gunawarman No.3
Senopati, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 22770007
IG: @thegunawarman