Humble Cake, Coffee and Boardgame at Sunter Jakarta

October 13th, 2017. I was very tired, but I still had time to visit one more coffee shop before I checked-in. I knew this Humble Cake, Coffee and Boardgame from IG. Interesting, right?


A humble place in a hidden area. Friendly people with welcoming gesture. Good for cake, coffee and boardgames, the place will be a nice place to hang out with friends. Some can eat cake, some can drink coffee, and the others can have a good time with boardgames. I know I will enjoy those activities.

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Kopi Susu Sederhana

It was really a humble kopi susu, like the name. Humble here means simple. I loved the coffee, not too milky, not too coffee. I think it’s one worth-to-try es kopi susu, when you’re in Sunter area.


Risolles Ragout, Risolles Smoked Beef, Croquette @ 6k

 I took away for our snacks at hotel. I shared them with hubby, and we had the same thoughts. Those were good. The texture of the skin and the filling were perfect. And the flavour? No need to ask. Tasty!


Humble is one hidden gem coffee shop that you should try. And I have one word for them. Fun!

Humble Cake, Coffee, and Boardgame
Jl. Agung Niaga III Blok G4 No.27
Sunter Agung, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 65301510
IG: @humble.jkt

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