B.O.R. Coffee at Ruko Sunter Paradise Sunter Jakarta

October 13th, 2017. B.O.R. Coffee was born on February 2016. Yes, a long time ago. And I just had a chance to visit them this October LOL. Well, Sunter is quite far from my home. That’s why I always compiled list of coffee shops around Sunter, then visited them in a day.


Located at a not-so-busy shophouse in Sunter area, B.O.R. looked small and quiet. They have outdoor tables for smoking area. When I came in, the ambiance was warm. A dimly lit atmosphere and friendly people made me feel welcome. They’re selling T-shirts too. Cute! Actually it should be a good time there, until a guy next to me started to drink his tea, and made a sound after drinking. Gross!! It’s not a good sound, trust me.

IMG_6612 IMG_6614 IMG_6616 IMG_6624 IMG_6617 IMG_6618 IMG_6619 IMG_6620

Es Kopi Darat 18k

When I saw the name for the first time, I laughed. It’s really funny. Kopi Darat is actually a phrase for people that knew each other from various media such as online, radio etc, then decided to meet up. LOL. It’s actually really good. It’s bitter and sweet. Just like my life #eh.


Doughnut (Choco) 20k

I loved chocolate. That’s why I ordered this one, since it looked very delicious. Actually, I didn’t eat the doughnut directly, I took it away for later snack at my hotel. And it was delicious. The chocolate was sweet and tasty. Well, if you don’t like sweet doughnut, it will be better if you order another flavour, then.


B.O.R. Coffee
Ruko Sunter Paradise
Blok C No. 25
Jl. Sunter Permai Raya 2
Sunter, Jakarta
Phone: +62 811-8250-855
IG: @borcoffee