NEIGHBOR Coffee Spot at Menteng Jakarta

October 19th, 2017. I saw NEIGHBOR Coffee Spot on my way to Wahid Hasyim. Then I came to the place the day after. Alone. Hello, NEIGHBOR! We are now brewing in your neighborhood! Let’s come and sip our best quality of coffee! Not a coffee lover?Don’t worry, we have many other special beverages for you.Continue reading “NEIGHBOR Coffee Spot at Menteng Jakarta”

Mi Bol Indomie & Ropang at Tuparev Karawang

August 19th, 2017. When we had staycation at Karawang area end of July, I didn’t have a chance to visit Mi Bol. Mi Bol came to my hotel at that time, brought food and drinks. Yaaaay.. So, when I came again to Karawang, I visited Mi Bol. Finally. Well, so sorry for the late postContinue reading “Mi Bol Indomie & Ropang at Tuparev Karawang”