Makna Coffee at Kuningan City Mall Jakarta

August 10th, 2017. I saw this first on my sister’s Instagram Story. I asked her about Makna Coffee. She said, it’s in Kuningan City near main lobby. She said, “I saw Keenan Pearce, the owner! But he’s inside.” Well, she couldn’t get him to take selfie with her.. LOL. And yes, the place belongs to Keenan Pearce and Ernanda Putra.


Well, the day after, I was having foodtasting at a cafe nearby Kuningan City with Aline and Cindy. Then I saw Hans’ message on my IG. He said that he wanted to go to Makna Coffee. So I asked Aline and Cindy to go there, since it’s only 5 minutes away from our foodtasting venue. While we waited for Hans, we took photos and ordered first. Evidently, it’s intended for coffee-to-go. They had tables outside the place, but only 3 tables. They had working space inside the place but turned out it’s for Makna Creative. It’s their office. It’s a very comfortable place, but too bad it’s not for customers.

IMG_2939 IMG_2938 IMG_2942 IMG_2929 IMG_2930 IMG_2941 IMG_2940 IMG_2944 IMG_2933 IMG_2934 IMG_2935 IMG_2936 IMG_2931 IMG_2937

Latte 20k

Something broke my heart at the time I sipped this latte. That’s why I couldn’t think anything else. The latte tasted bitter and sad. Like my feeling. Well, I think I have to go there again, find Keenan Pearce, take selfie with him, and be happy LOL.


Cappuccino 20k

Cindy said that the cappuccino was better than the latte. Well after I set my mind into a beautiful mind, I could try the cappuccino properly. And yes, I think it’s better than the latte.


Congratulations Makna Coffee for the opening. Will be back soon!

Makna Coffee
Kuningan City Mall
Ground Floor
Jl. Prof Dr Satrio
Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 50101560
IG: @maknacoffee