Banainai 水果奶奶 Taiwanese Dessert at PIK Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

June 24th, 2017. I saw about this place from my IG timeline. This afternoon, when I didn’t know where to go after lunch, I saw this one, and asked my hubby, “Can we go to Banainai? I think they have snow ice or something like that.” He replied, “Ok. I think I need one refreshing snow ice.” Yaaaay.


Banainai is a mixed word of “Banana” and “Nainai” (Mandarin word of Grandmother). The word Banainai means; as a youngster, we trust older people who always remind us to consume fresh & healthy fruits. Banainai was created by Taiwanese friends who would like to bring a delicious, healthy and affordable desserts. We also provide a happiness and comfortable environment for you to enjoy our delightful menu. Our desserts menu was made by ourselves with fresh fruits and no chemical additives, you can taste the freshness when you enjoy it.

Located at Rukan Emerald, it’s not very spacious, but really nice. And we were amazed by the people that come and go to the place. It’s never vacant. They told me that they’re selling healthy desserts. Ulala, not my favourite, definitely. *me, being skeptic*

IMG_0427 IMG_0417 IMG_0419 IMG_0422 IMG_0421 IMG_0420 IMG_0423 IMG_0424 IMG_0425

Triple Dribble 33k

Passion fruit, white guava and dragon fruit

I chose this one becauce they have 3 fruits, means 3 colours in one bottle. And it was indeed beautiful and very delicious. It’s refreshing and thirst-quenching. The best! Very very recommended.

IMG_0426 IMG_0428

Durian Comfort 72k

Durian snow ice

Served with parfait and fruits. It was good, but I prefer they give me generous portion for the durian hahaha.. The snow ice was definitely a big portion, but they should make it less ice, and more durian LOL.

IMG_0429 IMG_0432 IMG_0431 IMG_0430

Definitely will be back to try the other drinks.

Banainai 水果奶奶
Rukan Emerald No.16
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Phone: +62 21 50116466
IG: @banainai_id