Kila Kila by Akasya at SCBD Sudirman Jakarta

February 18th, 2017. I heard a lot of good reviews about Akasya Catering. Their slogan is: “When you need a good Catering with a good taste and nice presentation.” So when I heard that they opened a restaurant, I was wondering. Should I try it or not yaaaa? Because I don’t remember about Akasya Catering taste of food. And I cannot order 1 box only for me, right? LOL. Well, when a friend – she was their outsource PR *yesss!* asked me to visit the restaurant, I checked my schedule right away. On that cloudy Saturday noon, I was there, waiting for her to come. Kila Kila by Akasya.


Rich in flavour, a perfect harmony in the heart of Jakarta, Kila Kila is a perfect place to enjoy your time, even on a short break. Indonesian food has been known as one of the best culinary in the world for its taste and balance in rich flavour. To bring Indonesian feast even further, Kila-kila serve you a “treat to Indonesian delicacy.” We know how delicate Indonesian food can be and how treasured your time is.

Located on 7th floor at Lot 4 building, Kila Kila separated into two areas. When you come out from the elevator, if you want to go to smoking area you just turn right. But if you want to sit at non-smoking area, just go left. Actually, I prefer the smoking area, which is more spacious. But because I don’t smoke, I chose non-smoking area. Quite different ambiance, but more comfortable. I love the interior there. It has natural lighting with yellow and wood furnitures. Traditional decorations are like rattan lamp cover hanging all over the ceiling and any types of teapots lining up on the cupboard. By the way, Kila Kila means the sounds of joy.

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Regular iced tea 25k


Martabe 45k

tamarillo, sweetened condensed milk

I forgot to try this one, but I guess it’s very delicious since my friend loved it very much hahaha..



Tum Ayam 40k

Steamed minced chicken with indonesian herbs and spices wrapped in banana leaf

It’s what we called “pepes ayam.” Tum Ayam is one of the popular Balinese dish that is cooked in the same method as pepes or otak-otak. It’s my first time eating Tum Ayam. I thought it will be spicy, but it’s not. Thank goodness!  They mixed the minced chicken together with flavorful spices and coconut milk, wrapped snugly in banana leaf. It gave you a flavorful dish with soft textures, after being steamed. Superb!

IMG_3703 IMG_3704


Udang Telor Asin 110k

Fried prawn cooked with salted egg yolk

As you know, salted egg yolk is a happening ingredient nowadays. Every dishes used salted egg yolk. But, I think most of chinese food used salted egg yolk since I can’t remember when. I used to eat a lot like that. Well, you can say I’m an old school people LOL. But it’s true. Well, before I ate this dish, I knew right away that it was delicious. The salted egg yolk sauce was incredibly buttery. Such a delightful dish to complete my lunch.

IMG_3699 IMG_3700

Kerang Woku 80k

Green mussel cooked with Woku sauce

My favourite dish. I coudn’t stop eating this kerang woku. Well-seasoned. The soup was addicting. The green mussel was appetizing. They have a sweet flavor and a delicate, tender, and juicy texture. Perfect for the fresh Woku soup.

Woku is a type of bumbu (spice mixture) found in Manado cuisine of North Sulawesi, Indonesia. It has rich aroma and spicy taste. Woku consist of ground spices paste; red ginger, turmeric, candlenut and red chili pepper, mixed with chopped shallot, scallion, tomato, lemon or citrus leaf and turmeric leaf, lemon basil leaf and bruised lemongrass. Rub main ingredients (chicken or fish) with salt and lime juices, and marinate for 30 minutes. All spices are cooked in coconut oil until the aroma came up and mixed together with the main ingredients, water, and a pinch of salt, well until all cooked well.

IMG_3705 IMG_3706


Terong Sambal Udang 50k

Fried eggplant with prawn sambal

I ate this one all by myself since my friend / the outsource PR didn’t like eggplant. YAAAAAAY! Great benefit for me hahaha. I love eggplant. And this eggplant with prawn sambal is very scrumptious. Eggplant has a firm, creamy texture and rich, meaty flavour. The prawn sambal wasn’t as spicy as I thought. Favourite!

IMG_3701 IMG_3702


Better than Kiss 65k

Sweet brioche served with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream

First and foremost, I thought it’s chocolate dessert. But when it arrived on my table, turned out it was like a toast. I LOVE IT! It’s literally better than kiss! The sweet brioche was tender and moist and fluffy, like clouds. And the caramel sauce makes a favorite addition. Numero uno!

IMG_3710 IMG_3711

Es Pisang Ijo 45k

Banana raja, pandan flavor, serve with coconut milk rice and topping with coco-pandan syrup and milk

Es pisang ijo is always a fresh dessert. The banana raja was tender and sweet. Coconut milk rice was tantalizing. Such a mouth-watering dessert. I ate this dessert while chit-chatting with my friend, and I emptied my glass within minutes hahahaha..

IMG_3708 IMG_3709

Thank you so much Kila Kila for the delicious lunch. Cannot wait to be back again. Super recommended!!!

Kila Kila by Akasya
SCBD, Gedung Lot 4 – 7th Floor
Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav 52-53
Phone: +62 21 51401484
IG: @kilakilajakarta

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