[SINGAPORE] Artistry Cafe at Kampong Glam Bugis Singapore

January 17th, 2017. Breakfast time! We took bus to Bugis area, near Kampong Glam. There’s a cafe there, opened July 2012, it took me almost 5 years to visit the place. LOL. I saw about this cafe from Instagram. They had this cute corner in front of the cafe, for some #OOTD. I guess you could find many people took photos there. Artistry Cafe.


Located just at the corner of Sungai Pinang street, Artistry Cafe offered brunch menu with desserts and coffee. They have indoor and outdoor area. Pretty cool with funny murals in the outdoor, while in the indoor they put many beautiful frames. They also have sign heaven and hell at the door. Cutest!

IMG_2225 IMG_2228 IMG_2229 IMG_2236 IMG_2230 IMG_2231 IMG_2233 IMG_2234 IMG_2235 IMG_2239 IMG_2237 IMG_2232


Cappuccino $ 5.00


Mocha *Skinny* $ 6.00



Big Breakfast $ 22.00

Choice of two eggs (scrambled, sunny side or over easy), served with multigrain toast, sauteed baby spinach with garlic, cherry tomatoes, grilled portobello, streaky bacon, pommes noisettes and spicy Italian pork sausage.

We chose sunny side for sure since we were fans of runny egg yolk hahaha. And we were very satisfied with this big breakfast. The eggs  were perfect. The grilled portobello was juicy and delicious. Streaky bacon and spicy Italian pork sausage. Hmmm.. Melt in your mouth. I love the pommes noisettes too. It’s potato with breadcrumbs. Nice touch to this dish.

IMG_2242 IMG_2244


Duck Confit Beurre Noisette $ 20.00

Linguine tossed in a brown butter sauce with shredded duck leg, chilli flakes, garlic, cherry tomatoes, finished with shaved Parmigiano Reggiano and Italian parsley.

Excellent texture of the linguine.  A little bit spicy but it’s not an annoying one. They used shredded duck leg for the meat. It’s kinda special. Super duper extraordinary. But I loved the way they made this one. No need anything fancy, but it looked pretty decent. Recommended.

IMG_2241 IMG_2243

Definitely a keeper. I will be back, wait for me.

Artistry Cafe
17 Sungai Pinang
Singapore 199149
Phone: +65 6298 2420
IG: @artistrycafesg