[BALI] Akua Bali Restaurant Jimbaran Bali

December 10th, 2016. After coffee shop, we headed our way to a restaurant. It’s time for us to eat something savoury. And I heard this place was good. They served Spanish cuisine. Akua Bali.


Akua at Jimbaran Bay, is a beach club, restaurant and lifestyle venue inspired by the beautiful blues and greens of Bali. A place where friends come together and enjoy great food, warm service and the opportunity to paddle in the amazing Jimbaran beach.

The place is like a beach home. You could see the beach, very near your table. But when we arrived, suddenly raining so hard, they should close the big glass doors around the place. The owner approached us while we took photos. He was from Spain. He said that we should be back someday to eat the food while still warm. No need to take pictures. Hahaha. He’s a very nice person. And after some good talks, he left us to enjoy the food.

IMG_0782 IMG_0780 IMG_0783 IMG_0781 IMG_0785 IMG_0789 IMG_0788 IMG_0787 IMG_0786

Ginger Lemongrass

I forgot the name of the drink to be exact. But it’s about ginger. I needed ginger drink because of the cold from the rain.



Gambas al ajillo 58k

Sauted garlic shrimp infused with olive oil

The owner told us how to eat this dish. Take a bread, drop an olive oil on top, put the shrimp, drop the sauce, enjoy. Cute way to eat it. And it was delicious. The sauce was very garlicky. If I come again on April, I will order steamed rice and finish the shrimp with rice, not with bread hahahaha.. Juicy, tender shrimp packed with layered garlic flavor and plenty of olive oil makes the perfect snack to start our lunch before the main course.

IMG_0793 IMG_0798

Tortilla de patata 45k

Spanish omelette

Actually Spanish omelette is made from eggs and potatoes. So, it’s a little bit different. But, it’s still my favourite here, after the gambas al ajillo. It’s not dry at all. There’s nothing fancy about this dish. In fact, it’s like any other omelette. But, when it touched your tongue, you’ll be stunned. But next time I will ask the chef to add pork in it. HAHAHAHA..

IMG_0791 IMG_0792 IMG_0794


Paella Seafood 225k

Spanish Rice with seafood (for 2 persons)

Paella is not something that I consume every day. But when I have to eat Paella, I want it to be super delicious. After my friend tried this one first, he shouted like, “OMG! The best!” In a flash, I took a spoonful and be amazed with the taste. It was truly one of the best. Tasted like mom’s homemade dish, actually. *miss you Mom.* Love the texture of the rice. Fantastic aroma with mouthwatering flavour. The spices mixed perfectly. And the seafood was delightfully outstanding. Best!

IMG_0810 IMG_0811

There’s funny thing about this place. When we moved to another place, my sister wrote a comment on my path, asking about someone from our childhood. And I said, “I don’t think so.” And sis said, “She’s the owner.” And I freezed hahahaha. My friends asked me to find her photo, and when they saw photos from facebook, they said, “LOL. She’s sitting behind you the whole time.” Oh my hahahaha!! Then, when we passed by Akua, I told my friend that I wanted to get out of the car, and tried to find her there. The servers called her and finally we met. “Happy to meet you, Cici. Long time no see.” Definitely will be back when I come to Bali. See you soon!

AKUA Bali Restaurant
Jl Pemelisan Agung 27
Jimbaran, Bali
Phone: +62 361 709071
IG: @akuabali