[HOTEL] Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa Bali – Palace Club Room – Part Two

December 9th – December 10th, 2016


We had a chance to have breakfast in the Palace Club Lounge. The place was not as big as Wedang Jahe Restaurant, but it’s more private and very comfortable. And the view is breathtaking. Ducks. LOL. Trust me. You will love the ducks. It’s just view people that have the privilege to eat breakfast there. So, it’s quite calm and serene. Only several people there when I came to the place.

SAM_6683 SAM_6684 SAM_6682 SAM_6681 SAM_6678 SAM_6677

I was late hahahhaha.. I woke up 8:30am. Actually I planned to wake up 7am LOL. I didn’t hear any sound from my alarm. So blame the alarm!! When I arrived at Palace Club Lounge, Darius and Gaby had already there, already styling the food on the table. Sorry guys! Huhuhuhu. My bed was too comfortable. *wink wink* So get ready for our breakfast menu.

Fillet Mignon with Poached Egg

When they said they have fillet mignon for breakfast, I was like, ‘”What? What? Fillet Mignon? LUXURY!!” Actually, it’s a mini fillet mignon. *giggling* Too bad, it’s too dry and I only ate a bite. Lucky me, the poached egg was perfect. Always love half-cooked poached egg. Those runny egg yolks. Hmmmm..

IMG_0729 IMG_0738

Eggs Benedict

Typical egg benedict. Perfect poached egg. Beautiful presentation. I love the bun they use for this egg benedict. It’s soft and fluffy. And again, egg benedict for breakfast. Wow.


Smoked Salmon Croissant

Finally I knew that I didn’t like goat cheese. I love cheese, but not the goat one. And smoked salmon? I prefer salmon sashimi. So yeah, you know the result of me reviewing this menu. Check out Gaby’s review. She will give you more about this menu hahahaha.. Go to http://tummyprosperity.blogspot.co.id. Find out there. 🙂


Grilled Salmon

Nice one. Also with lovely presentation, it caught my heart right away. And my tummy, of course. I love the baby potatoes. It’s unusual because I love mashed potato hahaha. I never loved potato other than mashed. That’s why I said it’s unusual. The grilled salmon? Perfect texture and taste.



IMG_0732 IMG_0735 IMG_0734

Actually, on the first day, we had a chance to try 2 of their 5 restaurants. They were Maguro Asian Bistro and Tamarind Kitchen and Lounge. We planned to try appetizers at Maguro, then full main course at Tamarind. Well, let’s start.

Maguro Asian Bistro

Combining a well-crafted combination of traditional favourites sourced across Asia, Maguro is a hot favourite with many of our guests. From the streets of Hong Kong to the sushi houses of Japan and the famous Korean barbecue houses, Maguro serves up the best of Asia in an intimate poolside restaurant. Freshly caught seafood shines alongside imported beef and succulent local chicken, local fruit and vegetables and a sensational selection of spices to offer Asia on a plate. Complimented by an international wine list and indulgent desserts, Maguro Asian Bistro is the perfect place to spice up your holiday with us.

IMG_0668 IMG_0667

Fruit Punch 53k


Paradise Kiss 53k


Warm Edamame Soya Beans 35k

They gave us edamame for our snack before the appetizers ready.


Soft Shell Crab Tempura 95k

with fragrant dipping sauce

I believe this was too good. Too bad I didn’t get the chance to try this one. Too busy taking photos, I forgot to eat LOL.


Tuna Tartar 90k

with sesame seeds spring onion and lime soya dressing

Always love tuna tartar. Super fresh tuna with flavourful layers. I used to love salmon better than tuna. But nowadays, I prefer tuna. Well Chef, I was impressed. It looks cute but actually it’s a big portion for 1 person. Such a delicious trick. 🙂


King Prawn Spring Roll 95k

with sweet sesame and ginger dipping sauce

It’s not our order. It’s an impromptu. When foodbloggers were doing foodtasting, they didn’t think about their tummy first. They thought about the food, and the photos for sure. So they ordered this one for us to be eaten right away. No need to take photos of it. Funny thing, it’s the most delicious one. The crispy and crunchy skin with delicious king prawn will be missed. The plate was empty too fast. Hahaha..


Selection of Sushi (4 types) 195k

California roll, Inari roll, Nusa Dua roll, Yasai Maki roll

Not really special. It’s commonly on the menu in any sushi place. I prefer something more one-of-a-kind. California roll: avocado, crabmeat, mayonaisse, coated with flying fish roe. Inari roll: tofu skins filled with sushi rice and pickled vegetables. Nusa Dua roll: lobster, mango, spring onions, black caviar. Yasai Maki roll: avocado, cucumber. Not special, but it’s delicious.


Selections of Sashimi (250g) 240k

Tiger prawns, octopus, salmon, yellow fin tuna, scallops

Typical sashimi. Love the salmon. Always. And, I was too busy taking pictures and getting really hot. Err I mean, the weather. Not me. LOL. They said the scallop was the best. I think I didn’t have a chance to try that. Next time I will. 🙂


Tamarind Kitchen and Lounge

Tamarind is a soaring restaurant located on the beachfront. Built entirely of bamboo, over two levels, the Kitchen and Lounge is an all day attraction on Nusa Dua beach. By day, a casual menu offers a diverse selection of bistro favourites and contemporary Asian dishes. With a range of refreshing juices, cocktails, wine and beer, Tamarind is an impressive bar and restaurant that has become destination dining based on fresh, local produce, which our chefs transform daily into sparkling, fresh dishes based on local flavours with an international twist.

We moved to this restaurant for our main course. It’s the most famous place there. I think, everybody went there. When we arrived, there were still crowded with people. It’s over lunch time! But the place was really beautiful. I was stunned by their ambiance. So beautiful. And it was indeed lunch with a view. You can see the beach and the sea right in front of you, while you’re eating. Breathtaking!

IMG_0686 IMG_0687 IMG_0688 IMG_0689 IMG_0690 IMG_0691 IMG_0685 IMG_0684 IMG_0706

Complimentary Bread


Ice Tea


Coconut 40k

IMG_0692 IMG_0704

Roasted Tuna Linguine 130k

Typical summer Italian spaghetti “salad” with lightly roasted tuna, tomatoes, spicy fresh local chili, rocket, capers, lime zest and citronette dressing

Perfect al-dente texture of the linguine. Well-roasted tuna. Too spicy for me. I only ate a bit, and the spiciness was all over my mouth. I gave up. *sigh*


Tamarind Weekly Special: Chefs Burger Celebration

Tamarind’s special signature. It was a big burger. Love the beef patty. A very appetizing dish for our lunch meal. It was really enough for sharing. Ok, the beef patty, the cheese, sunny side up egg, and onion rings on top. Good combination. They served it with potato wedges. Btw, the bun was delightful. Soft and tender and fluffy. It was like a party in my mouth. Perfect burger celebration!


Lamb Souvlaky Brochette 140k

Greek marinated lamb loin, tomato, onion, tzatziki sauce, served with mixed salad and French fries

Such a beautiful dish. But lamb wasn’t my favourite. So, I couldn’t say anything about this one. It’s just another lamb meat for me. It’s a little bit dry for my taste bud. I didn’t try the sauce. About the french fries, well, it was good enough. Since I prefer mashed potato than french fries. Hahaha.


Seafood Salad

Fresh grilled seafood and fish on a bed of citrus couscous with minted cucumber yoghurt dressing, micro greens and crisp wafer bread

The presentation was wow! How’s the taste? The seafood was fresh, for sure. But couscous was my least favourite. I only ate the seafood hahaha and the satay lilit. It was scrumptious. Tender and tasty.


Tamarind Special Fried Rice 110k

Indonesian fried rice with vegetables, chicken and lamb satay served with fried egg


Thank you so much Nusa Dua Beach Hotel and Spa. We went back to our room with a smile and yawns. It’s time for us to take our nap before dinner time. Thank you for the hospitality and the great time. And please, send my kiss to that duck. Yes, the cute duck that always keep coming back for croissant!


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