[SINGAPORE] A.R.C. Coffee Sultan Gate Road & CSHH Coffee Tyrwhitt Road Singapore

November 12th, 2016. Continuing my cafe hopping in Singapore.


I heard about this one from my older sister. She told me that there’s a place in Singapore with a famous murals for OOTD photos. So, at the second day, I walked from our hotel to the place. A.R.C. Coffee.


We arrived at the coffee shop and very confused. So, where’s the mural? I asked the server there, and she said, “Aaaah, it’s outside. Turn right, and voila.” I looked at the wall, and very happy hahaha. We sat outside because I wanted to take photos with natural light. And before ordered, I took photos first in front of the murals. Lucky me, there weren’t a lot of people. Well, there’s a bunch of moms, but they took the photos together, so I could still take quick photos after that. Then, we ordered.

SAM_6435 SAM_6440

A.R.C. coffee was founded on the beliefs that the coffee experience extends beyond the consumption of a cup of coffee. Aiming to incorporate elements of coffee-making, roasting and learning; the idea of having an Academy, Roastery and Café in a single workspace was born. A.R.C. coffee aims to be the link that will complete your coffee experience, bridging the gap of your coffee appreciation from bean to cup.

The place wasn’t spacious. It’s quite cute with dim lightings. But it’s very cold inside, so you will find me back and forth. LOL. There’s a guy poked my hubby and talked about his shirt. He’s wearing Liverpool shirt. And turned out, this Indian guy is a fans also. He wore some kind of arm band with Liverpool logo. They were so happy talking about their favourite football club. Hahaha. I told hubby to take picture with him but he refused. Such a shy person. LOL.

SAM_6441 SAM_6446 SAM_6443 SAM_6444 SAM_6445

Iced Lemon Tea $ 6.00

Thirst-quenching. Fresh!


Hot Chocolate $ 5.00

Love the hot chocolate. Big cup and full of happiness in it. But, it’s more milky than dark-chocolaty. So my hubby loved it more. I prefer the dark-chocolaty. Besides, the warm weather made it clearly to drink cold beverage. I ordered hot chocolate only for photos. Hahaha typical me.


Tiramisu $ 6.80

Surprisingly it was good. My hubby didn’t really like tiramisu because made from coffee, but this tiramisu was delicious. We finished it with happy face. We’re too hungry. LOL.

IMG_9679 IMG_9680

A.R.C. Coffee
29 Sultan Gate
Singapore 198477
Phone: +65 62916863
IG: @a.r.c.coffee


Another coffee shop. Heard this from my younger sister. She wanted to buy coffee beans from @papapalheta and this place sold the coffee beans. So, we walked 2km from A.R.C. to find the coffee shop. CSHH Coffee.


Situated along Tyrwhitt Road in the Jalan Besar district of Singapore, Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH), which means to ‘flourish again’, was home to several metal and hardware companies of the past. The name of the building was collaboratively conceived by the landlord and Papa Palheta, to pay tribute to the hardware heritage of the site and vicinity. Today, CSHH is home to Papa Palheta and having made this our flagship store, Papa Palheta naturally embarks to deliver an unparalleled coffee experience in this beautifully conserved Art Deco shophouse. CSHH houses the Roastery, the CSHH Coffee Bar and C-Platform.

The place was very very crowded. I repeat. Very very crowded. They have indoor and outdoor area. The indoor area wasn’t spacious, so it was very very crowded. Yes, for the third time hahahahaha. It’s so crowded, that when a young guy stepped back only a little, he accidentally nudged an old lady with hot coffee in her hands. And she screamed out loud. OMG! The young guy repeatedly apologized to the old lady. I stunned a bit and walked away to outdoor seats after that. Fun fact: there’re ants all over the place. Eeew!!

IMG_9694 IMG_9693 IMG_9695 IMG_9690 IMG_9689 IMG_9691

Bundaberg RootBeer SGD 5.00

It was a humid day, so I ordered root beer. It’s very delicious and fresh.

Bundaberg Root Beer is made to a genuine family recipe with real sarsaparilla root, liquorice root, vanilla beans and molasses giving it that rich, unique colour and flavour. 


Orange SGD 5.00

Fresh orange. No preservatives. It’s my hubby’s. I ordered this one for him. And I felt sorry. I should ordered him the ice chocolate. It’s his favourite beverage. Next time ya hon. 🙂


Black Forest Cake SGD 5.50

The best! We agreed that this is the best black forest cake. The texture was perfect. Tasted so delicious, I wanted to order it again but I realized that my tummy was very very full. The cherry rum was dabomb! OMG! Next time I want order this again with ice chocolate. Hohoho!

IMG_9687 IMG_9688

Chye Seng Huat Hardware
150 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207563
Phone: +65 6396 0609
IG: @cshhcoffee