[EVENT] Chocolate Gallery at Arts Cafe by Raffles Hotel Jakarta

October 23rd, 2016. Another visit to one of my favourite hotels. I had no idea how many times I went there. Always felt good to be back. This time I was with the #teammakanmulu hahahaha.. It’s so fun to be with them all day long. Arts Cafe by Raffles.

This time I won’t talk about their delicious lunch buffet. I guess you can read it on my previous reviews. Just search “arts cafe yennymakanmulu” on google.com hahaha.. Now it’s time to talk about Chocolate Gallery.


Inspired by the passion for local ingredients from Indonesian Farmers, Raffles Jakarta present the magnificent chocolate gallery in collaboration with Pipiltin Cocoa. Available every day from 10am until 10pm, Chocolate Gallery offers a sumptuousness, yet humbly local chocolate-based confection.

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Chocolate Gallery is located inside Arts Café on level 1 Raffles Jakarta, an all-day dining which caters to all meal periods in a flamboyant, artistic yet comfortable space. Be delighted by a selection of chocolate specialties that will tantalize any chocolate lovers palate created by our Pastry Chef at Raffles Jakarta. Endeavor a signature dish includes The Crushing Hat Box and Chocolate Truffle, or the signature beverage such as Raffles Green Choco and Dark Choco Herbs.

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Pipiltin Cocoa is a local micro chocolate producer. Their collection of cocoa beans varies from Pidie Jaya – Aceh, Tabanan – Bali, and Glenmore – East Java. They offer a wide variation of chocolate bars, pralines, macaroons, whole cakes, and chocolate snacks. Pipiltin has two outlets in Jakarta which are located at Sarinah Building ground floor and Senopati.

Chocolate Soup 90K

A cute presentation. It’s basically a chocolate sphere. Served with hot melted chocolate. How to eat this? Pour the hot melted chocolate into the sphere. Wait until it starting to melt. After that, you can enjoy the chocolate soup in your own way. It’s really sweet, but you can taste a hint of berry fruit in the sphere. So, it’s sweet and sour soup. Perfect dessert to end your meal.

IMG_8904 IMG_8909

Signature “Crushing Hat Box”

My favourite. It’s actually similar with the previous dessert. Pour the hot chocolate to the hat-shaped chocolate box. Let it melt. And ready to enjoy the caramel ice cream inside the hat. It was dabomb. Well, I promised myself not to get crazy with the chocolate desserts. But, sorry I had to break my promise this time. Couldn’t stand the urge to grab it and finish it. Super recommended!

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Thanks Arts Cafe by Raffles and Pipiltin Cocoa. Chocolate! Here I come, again and again and again!

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