Oetara Coffee at Muara Karang Pluit Jakarta

October 30th, 2016. Another new coffee shop. I planned to go there with Hans, Cindy and Hiro a week before but it’s raining hard and I was told that Cindy and Hiro had another event after that, so I cancelled it. Hans told me that he was just for a while there, afraid that I won’t have any company when I arrived. Cancel! Cancel! Cancel! So, last week, when we didn’t know where to go before a foodtasting, I came to the place with Darius, Gaby and Vrila. I arrived first. While taking photos, the owner moved from his seat to another seat, so I could make a better photo LOL. Thank you Sir. Then Darius came, and we had fun there. I present to you. Oetara.


Located in Muara Karang area, Oetara did an addition to newly opened coffee shop in North Jakarta. When I heard the name, I knew right away why they name it Oetara. Oetara is North in English. It’s in North Jakarta. So, you see the connection, right? Ok. Got it? No? Yes? Ok, let’s talk about something else. Let’s talk about the ambiance. It’s quite colourful. Some coffee shops used minimalist ambiance with white and black colours. Oetara uses tosca colour with wood furnitures. Homey and warm. That’s what I felt when I came in. After a while, we went to eat breakfast somewhere else, then went back to find Gaby and Vrila had already there.

IMG_9117 IMG_9119 IMG_9121 IMG_9122 IMG_9120 SAM_6303 SAM_6308 SAM_6305 SAM_6304 IMG_9123 IMG_9133 IMG_9137 IMG_9135 IMG_9136 IMG_9124 IMG_9131 IMG_9129 IMG_9125 IMG_9127 IMG_9130 IMG_9132

It’s time for us to order. Yaaaay. I let Darius ordered for us. Anything. I had to tag our table so nobody sat there hahaha..


Hot Cappuccino 35k


Hot Piccolo Latte 30k


Hot Choco 35k

When it arrived at my table, I told the server, “Oh my, it’s so beautiful.” It was indeed beautiful. The colour was attractive. Deliciously beautiful. It was perfect for my taste bud. The hot chocolate was superb. One quick sip and that’s all you need.


Chocolate Praline Croissant 45k

The croissant has a generous filling of premium praline. Sprinkled with refined sugar. It’s one flaky and soft croissant. The chocolate was a little bit milky. Amazing collaboration between the croissant and the chocolate praline.

IMG_9141 IMG_9145

Orange Sugee Cake 35k

It’s light and fluffy. A sugee cake is actually a butter cake. It’s a soft cake made with semolina flour and a high concentration of egg yolks, part of Eurasian, Malay, and Chinese cuisine. If you are unfamiliar with the word “sugee”, there are alternatively spellings to this word which is sugi, suji, sooji or soojee. Anything you like. LOL. I couldn’t explain about what I felt when I at the cake. It’s just.. splendid. The orange flavour was quite strong. Recommended.

IMG_9140 IMG_9144

Nutella Pie 35k

I remember the first time I tried Nutella. I fell in love instantly with the smooth paste of chocolate that never failed to bring a smile to my face. So when Gaby and Vrila ordered this one, I waited impatiently to try this pie. And it was worth the wait. Perfectly sweet with fluffy texture. The Nutella Pie was brilliant. I believe everybody agreed with me. 🙂


Congratulations Oetara for the opening. Hope to be back soon.

Jl. Pluit Karang Barat Blok G6 No. 25A
Penjaringan, Jakarta
Phone: +62813-1485-5500
IG: @oetara.coffee

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