[HOTEL] Best Western Mangga Dua Hotel & Residence Jakarta – Deluxe Room

August 27th, 2016 – August 28th, 2016.

10 days before, I just realized I had a Facebook’s notification from Anne (founder of Indonesian Foodblogger). Anne tagged my name in the status which said that it (the hotel) needed bloggers to join a staycation from a well-known hotel in West Jakarta. I thought, “Why don’t I join it? If I get the staycation, I can have a staycation with my hubby. If not, then it’s fine.” And then, voila, I got the chance to stay at the hotel. Best Western Mangga Dua Hotel & Residence.

But.. yup, there’s a but.. I couldn’t bring anyone. They precisely wrote, “No kids or family.” So, it’s only for me. Yeah, I had to tell my hubby, “Sorry, you cannot come. It’s only for me.” He said, “That’s fine! Enjoy the room by yourself.” Hooraaaaay.

But.. there’s still a but.. When I arrived on time (well, they said I have to be on time), I had to wait for an hour before finally, someone introduced herself to me and tell me to wait with the others. And she said to us, “You will be in a room with her. You will be in room with her.” Whoaaaaaa.. share a room? It’s a new experience for me. I have never shared a room in staycation with a stranger LOL. Lucky me, my room mate was really nice. If not, I think I will go home right away hahahaha.. *poking Noe*

Best Western Mangga Dua Hotel and Residence is a four star hotel that completely built in end of 2010. It is the tallest building in Mangga Dua and surrounded by the largest shopping complex in South East Asia, where travelers can find everything they need at reasonable prices. There are many local tourist attractions nearby and the hotel also situated close to many government, corporate, and bank offices, which makes the hotel a perfect choice for both business and leisure.

Deluxe Room Twin Bed (Room 3210)

Room size: 29 m²
Room with a cable TV, a fridge and coffee/tea making facilities.
A personal safe is included.
The en suite bathroom comes with a hairdryer.

What a nice room. It’s on level 32. So high. 🙂 When I came to the room, I was amazed. It’s quite big for the two of us. The bed is comfortable. The shower room is clean with hot water and nice toiletries. The fridge is empty. It’s cool if I got a chance to buy some drinks hahaha.. And the AC is so cold! OMG! What a cozy place to sleep that night. We talked and talked about ourselves. Getting to know each other. Til we fell asleep. A cute way to end the night.

SAM_5681 IMG_7132 IMG_7133 IMG_7136 IMG_7137 IMG_7134 IMG_7139 SAM_5685 IMG_7140

Meeting Room

BEST WESTERN Mangga Dua Hotel & Residence provides a well equiped Ballroom and Meeting Room to handle your banquet event: meeting, seminar, wedding, birthday, prom night, and exhibition. The rooms are completed with the latest technology such as wireless internet access, projectors, office amenities, and audio/video system.


Bhuvana Spa Lite

If you are tired, Best Western Mangga Dua provides a good spa on level F2, called Bhuvana Spa Lite. You can experience their treatments while your children are swimming in their pool.

SAM_5694 SAM_5689 SAM_5690 SAM_5692

Swimming Pool

SAM_5687 SAM_5688 SAM_5693

Mongolian BBQ

They held a Mongolian BBQ every Friday and Saturday night for dinner (6pm-10pm). All you can eat. Only 135k nett per pax. It’s unique because they did a live cooking outside hotel lobby. So yeah, after we chose what we want to eat, we took the meat outside, and asked the chefs to grill it. It’s fun and entertaining. They also had a live music at Sunda Kelapa lounge. You can enjoy this exquisite dinner until the end of 2016.

IMG_7176 IMG_7154 IMG_7142 IMG_7152 IMG_7165 IMG_7161 IMG_7162 IMG_7150 IMG_7151 IMG_7164 IMG_7143 IMG_7175

Breakfast Time

After enjoying sleep the night before, finally it’s time to try their breakfast. They had nasi uduk, breads, buffet menus, porridge, etc. But, I wasn’t in my great condition. So I checked out earlier than the others. And went home right away.

IMG_7186 IMG_7187 IMG_7179 IMG_7180 IMG_7183 IMG_7181 IMG_7185 IMG_7182

Thank you Best Western Mangga Dua. Thank you for those delicious food at Mongolian BBQ.

Best Western Mangga Dua Hotel & Residence
Jl. Mangga Dua Abdad No. 111
Phone: 021-6122999
Twitter: @BWManggaDua
IG: @bwmanggaduahotel



  1. Aww, berasa kena colek. Hahaha. Btw, aku juga selalu deg2an kok kalo harus sekamar sm stranger. Takutnya aku annoying gitu, wkwkwk. Syukurlah dikau bertahan sampai jam sarapan tiba. :p

    Btw lagi, sejak kenalan, aku enjoy bgt liat foto2mu. Mesti banyak belajar nih, nyontek angle nya ntar klo staycation lagi. :*

    1. aku malah gk pernah sekamar sama org yg belon dikenal wkwkwkwk semacam pengalaman baru deh kemaren.
      duh makasih yaaaa.. aku masi banyak belajar jugaaaaaaa.. yuk mari belajar bersama 🙂

  2. Waduh perlu gua koreksi dikit nih. Gua ga nulis status deh. Gua cuma tag temen2 yg kira2 berminat di undangan dr Best Western yg dipublish di fb group-nya IDFB. Begitu bukan Yen? 🙂
    Krn di event ini Best Western tidak bekerjasama secara khusus dgn IDFB, hanya minta izin utk publish undangan di fb group.
    Begitu Yen 🙂

    Btw thanks sdh merespon undangan tsb yaa

    1. Hi Anne. Yg aku maksud sebetulnya sebagai “she” adalah org dr hotel yaitu Rifka hahahaha tp aku lupa sebut namanya. Makanya dibacanya memang jadi rancu. Sudah aku ubah, sehingga tidak terbaca seperti itu. Maaf kalo ada yg salah info sejak baca blog ini. Thanks ya udah ngetag nama2 kita 🙂

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