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August 13th, 2016. I got weekend staycation at Ayaka Suites. You must see the reviews, right? Now, I wanna review about their restaurant. They have a restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kayu Manis Cafe and Bistro.


This comfortable Jakarta hotel also enthralls guests with its legendary Kayu Manis restaurant. Our professional chefs serve delectable, delightful dishes, ranging from Asian to Western cuisines.

It’s a really nice restaurant. Spacious dining place with pool outside. And they have a lot of delicious food. I mean, a lot! They have salad, soup, appetizers, asian, western, hot stones, desserts, mocktails, chocolate, tea and coffee. You can pick anything you want. But the great thing about this place is their hospitality. Psst, they have one cute guy who will give you the best service with such adorable smile. I won’t give you the name. You find out yourself. Just go there and find him. Hurry!! LOL.

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Breakfast time

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For lunch and dinner, they served from appetizers to desserts.


Ayaka Salad 50k

Lettuce, horenso, sliced chicken breasts in apple dressing


Chopped Salad 50k

Romaine lettuce, chinese cabbage, red cabbage and shredded chicken breast in oriental dressing


Tom Yum Prime Soup 130k

Spicy Tom Yum with refreshing young coconut water as the soup base with King prawn shrimp, served with inside whole coconut

If you like spicy tom yum, you should try this one. I prefer the not-too-spicy, but.. this is so good, I couldn’t stop myself. I-have-to-finish-it. LOL. And I love the presentation. It’s so cute, I wanna bring it home hahaha..


Samgyetang 150k

Nourising Korean Ginseng Soup with a whole young chicken stuffed with dates, sticky rice and garlic in hot stone bowl

Not too herbs. That’s what I like about this soup. It’s very healthy yet delicious. Well, sometimes, a healthy food is not delicious. If it’s delicious, it’s not healthy. That’s what I like about this soup. It’s healthy. It’s delicious. Best combination right?



Ayaka Sandwich 65k

Smoked beef, beef bacon and whole grain mustard sauce

Sandwish is always a nice appetizer. It wouldn’t make you too full and make you too hungry. It’s just right.


Chicken Ragout Risoles 40k

Deep fried risoles with chicken ragout filling

My favourite. I think I finished it by myself. Hahaha. It’s so hard to find a delicioius ragout filling. But this chicken ragout filling? Perfect! Ask my hubby, he’s the witness of my craziness about this risoles. In fact, I ate two plates, I think. *big grin*


Red Chicken 40k

Marinated crispy chicken in red sauce

It’s spicy. LOL. Spicy with sweet taste. Beware of the chillis. “It’s very spicy,” said my brother.



Gurame Ayaka 120k

Deep fried gurame fish in Ayaka special homemade sauce

Tender fish with delicious sauce. What could go wrong with this Gurame? Nothing! Just another happy time to eat Gurame fish with your white rice and use your hands. Epic.


Camio Garlick 40k

In oyster sauce



Chicken Cordon Bleu 55k

Roll chicken with smoked beef, ham, and cheese with choice of BBQ Black Pepper/Mushroom sauce

Roll chicken. Smoked beef. Ham. Cheese. Perfect combination. Melt-in-your-mouth. The chicken was tender and juicy. Chicken Cordon Bleu is always one of my favourites dish. It’s not very easy to make this one. But for my palate, Ayaka’s Chicken Cordon Bleu is one of the best.


Lasagna 65k

Beef lasagna in tomato sauce

I love lasagna. But to be honest, I prefer more minced meat in it. Love the texture of the lasagna, though. Perfect for my tastebud. Just more minced meat *again* hahaha..


Four Cheese Pizza 55k

Special thin crust pizza with four kinds of cheese

Perfetto! We love it! I didn’t really like thin crust pizza. I prefer the thick crust pizza with many toppings. But this Four Cheese Pizza? Like I said before. Perfect. Great texture. Delicious taste. The bomb! Actually, it’s very addicting. You don’t believe me? Fine! Just try it and you tell me!


Meat Lover Pizza 60k

Thin crust pizza with beef sausages, smoked beef and meat ball

It’s good. But sorry, still the Four Cheese Pizza LOL.



BBQ Chicken 70k

Chicken leg in BBQ sauce with gochujang paste

This is good. Too bad I don’t like spicy food. Not really like, I mean. So yeah, for you who like spicy chicken, try this. 🙂


Hot Stone Galbi 185k

Must try! Mouth watering marinated bulkalbi

SPECTACULAR! Best galbi ever! Actually I was skeptical. I thought it will be dry and hard to chew. But, after one bite, I’m in love. It’s really really really delicious. It’s everyone’s favourite! So, not only me who love it. Everybody loves it. It’s tender and juicy and super delicious.


Chicken Skewer 70k

Chicken and paprika skewers

The chicken was juicy and tender. I didn’t eat the paprika LOL. If you like chicken skewer, you should try this one. Eat it with white rice, and don’t forget to pour the sauce, delish!


Hot Stone Bibimbap 70k

Korean style rice bowl

It’s spicy. Not really my favourite. But those who like bibimbap, should order this. The vegetables are really fresh, and don’t forget to stir it all. That’s how you eat bibimbap. 🙂



Pancake 40k

Pancake with brown sugar and cinnamon fillings, served with vanilla ice cream and rice malt syrup layered with our homemade maple syrup

Love the texture of the pancake. It’s not the crunchy and crispy. It’s the tender and fluffy. The vanilla ice cream and rice malt syrup were complimenting each other. And of course, the homemade maple syrup gave the final touch of this pancake. Superb!


Mango Sticky Rice 40k

Thailand style mango sticky rice (seasonal)

Coconut Pudding 50k

Coconut pudding, coconut fla, red bean and banana, served inside whole young coconut with topping

Too bad I didn’t trys this one. Why? I was so full! But I love the presentation. So cute and adorable.



Matcha Latte

Love it. Such a thirst-quenching. Just look at the photo and I want it again and again.


Thank you so much Kayu Manis and Ayaka Suites. Thank you for those delicious food and dessert. Definitely will be back for the Risoles, Hot Stone Galbi and Four Cheese Pizza. And try another dish. And another dessert. And another drink. Hahaha. Such a cozy place to spend a day and another day and another day. Wait for me ya!!!

Kayu Manis Cafe & Bistro
Ayaka Suites
Jl. Karet Pedurenan No. 45
Setiabudi, Jakarta
Phone: 021-29037380/021-29037390
IG: @ayakasuites

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