Holyduck Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) Jakarta

July 17th, 2016. I had an invitation to review a new place that serve Balinese cuisine. Located in Ruko Crown Golf, it was easy to find it. I went with my @DailyFoodSeeker foodies. We were doing our job at other place. So after that we went there and enjoyed our moments. Holyduck.


Holyduck is in 2nd level of Holywings. We stepped inside and went to 2nd floor. The ambiance of the place reminded me of Bali. Well, it’s not spacious but it’s quite comfortable to eat with your family and your loved ones. Love the murals, too. And for those who wanna take good photos, don’t forget to reserve the “natural light” table. LOL.

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Lumpia Bebek 27.5k

Fried spring roll with duck meat filling and vegetables, served with peanut sauce and combrong chili sauce

Love the spring roll. Crunchy and crispy. Tasted good with generous duck meat filling. It was one of the best spring roll I’ve ever had. Not too oily, with delicious taste of the duck meat. Hmmm… one recommended menu.


Sate Lilit 35k

Fish and chicken satay, wrapped around lemongrass stick, served with Balinese spices

It’s delicious with tender meat. Well-seasoned. Satay Lilit is one of a satay variant from Balinese cuisine. So I knew right away that there will be satay lilit in the menu. If you like satay lilit, you should order this one at Holyduck. Outstanding!


Ayam Pelalah Bali 68k

Shredded chicken with Balinese spices, served with white rice

They said it’s very spicy. Well, I thought for a second and I convinced myself to try this menu. I couldn’t agree more. It’s very spicy! Too spicy! My friends liked it very much. They said it was one of the best menu there. Well, for those who like spicy chicken menu, you should try this. Spicy-recommended. Hahaha..


Urap Bali 17.5k

Vegetables with grated coconut and Balinese spices

I didn’t really like vegetables, but I can assure you one hundred percent, this is the best Urap Bali I’ve ever tried.


Kacang Panjang Kalasan 22.5k

Long beans sauteed with bumbu Kalasan


Signature Crispy Duck 77k

Balinese crispy fried duck served with white rice, urap Bali and the Balinese sambal

It’s their signature. After one bite, I knew right away why it’s their signature. 🙂 It doesn’t need trying very hard to impress me. The duck meat was tender and juicy. The skin was crispy yet delicate. Tasted so delicious, I believe I will order it again and again and again.


Bebek Betutu 77k

Balinese duck with Balinese spices, served with white rice, plecing kangkung and Balinese sambal

Juicy and tender duck meat. And I love the sauce. It’s really enhanced the taste of the duck meat. It’s my second favourite duck dish at Holyduck, after the signature crispy duck. It’s spicy but I couldn’t stop eating it. And yeah, I think I ate 2 portions of white rice. LOL.

Betutu is a Balinese dish of steamed or roasted chicken or duck. This highly seasoned and spiced dish is a popular dish in Bali and Lombok.  The term betutu refers to the use of rice-husks, not “smoked” as it is often mistranslated. Heated by kindling of coconut husks, these piles of rice husks retain their temperature for five hours—the proper time required to cook the bebek betutu.


Bebek Lombok Ijo 77k

Roasted duck with green chili sauce, served with white rice, buntil daun singkong and Balinese sambal


I guess, I will be back soon to eat the signature crispy duck and bebek betutu and urap bali. LOL. I will ask my hubby to accompanying me. Soon. By the way, congrats Holyduck for the opening, and please.. keep up the good food. 🙂

Ruko Crown Golf Blok B No. 52-56
Level 2 of Holywings
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Phone: 0878-8711-1168
IG: @holyduckindonesia