Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen Plaza Festival Rasuna Kuningan Jakarta

July 16th, 2016. I heard about this place from a friend of mine. He was so excited to be the first customer on their opening date. He asked me to join him. Too bad I had family matters so I couldn’t accompanying him at the time. That’s why I came to the new place on Saturday morning. Well, at first, they opened 11am. But now, they open 24 hours. Ladies and Gents, I present to you. Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen.

SAM_4825 IMG_6591

Located in Plaza Festival, Lucky Cat is very easy to find. If you go to University of Bakrie, you will pass through Lucky Cat. A white façade with brown door and beautiful windows. When I stepped inside, I was thrilled with the design. It’s very cozy with marble and wooden tables. Warm ambiance with wooden floor. And if you’re looking for the lucky cat figurine, I guess they don’t have it LOL. Lucky Cat has 2 levels. The first level for non smoking area. The second level for non smoking and smoking area. Let me show you the situation there. 🙂

First Level

They have a very adorable concept. On the first level, it’s like a small garden with different themes in every corner.

IMG_6592 SAM_4832 IMG_6593 SAM_4831 IMG_6595 SAM_4827 IMG_6575 SAM_4829 IMG_6594 IMG_6574 IMG_6597 SAM_4828 IMG_6579 IMG_6577 SAM_4830

The Stairs

When I sat on 2nd level, I saw a couple started taking photos at the stairs, since the first time they arrived, until I went home. LOL. And the guy was being a model all the time. That’s why I didn’t take photos at the stairs. Too mainstream. Hahaha.

SAM_4833 SAM_4834 IMG_6580 IMG_6573 IMG_6570 IMG_6596

Second Level

On the second level, it’s more homey than the first level. More intimate. You can feel the calm ambiance just by looking at my photos, right?

IMG_6576 IMG_6581 IMG_6572 IMG_6578 IMG_6590 IMG_6569 IMG_6571

Hot Chocolate 40k

Too milky and a bit tasteless. I need more chocolate please! LOL. I wanted to ask for sugar but I was too lazy to go down hahaha.. I prefer less milk and more chocolate. First I wanted to order Nutella but it’s not available. That’s why I ordered hot chocolate. Too bad, it was distasteful. Please make it right. Pretty please.


Ice Lychee Tea 35k

One of the best ice lychee tea. Hahaha. Well, I guess, Ice Lychee Tea is one of the “safe” drink. You cannot go wrong with lychee tea, right?


Pandan Cake 35k

The Pandan Cake was delicous. But I prefer they improve the texture. I love fluffy and tender pandan cake. At first, I thought it will be stay fluffy, but turned out it became a little dense.


Deep Fried Calamari 45k

Definitely need improvement. Hubby said, it was hard to chew. Well, our favourite fried calamari should be crispy and chewy but not too hard. So yeah, they could do better, I guess. Please please please. For 45k I expected more.

IMG_6585 IMG_6586

Roasted Chicken 65k

Traditional french style roast chicken served with mixed greens, baby potato and tomato.

I thought it will be boneless. Turned out it still had bones. The texture of the chicken was tender and soft. I kinda like it. But I put high expectation to the taste. I needed the chicken to be more flavourful and well-seasoned. The baby potato were hard. I think the cheese enhanced the flavour of this menu.


Actually I haven’t got my favourite menu yet, here. But I love the place. It was fantastically gorgeous. If you love doing OOTD photos, this one recommended place to do your things. Congratulations Lucky Cat!

Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen
South Parking Plaza Festival No. 1
Jl HR Rasuna Said Kav C22
Phone: 021-52961475
IG: @luckycatcoffeekitchen



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