Pempek Belida Mas International (Pempek BMI) Kemayoran Jakarta

June 24th, 2016. There’s a lot of place selling pempek in Kemayoran area. But nowadays, I heard about this place a lot more than the others. They said it’s very good. Well, I’m not a huge fans of pempek, but I love to eat pempek. So when I got a chance to try the most happening pempek recently, I ordered GoCar and asked the driver to take me there. Pempek Belida Mas International (BMI).


Pempek, mpek-mpek or empek-empek is a savoury fishcake delicacy from Palembang, Indonesia, made of fish and tapioca. Pempek is served with yellow noodles and a dark, rich sweet and sour sauce called kuah cuka or kuah cuko (lit. vinegar sauce), or just “cuko”.

When I arrived, I thought it will be a small place, but turned out, they have 2 levels. It’s not a fancy place, of course, but it’s a proper place to eat pempek. 🙂 With white tables and orange seats, the place is quite cheerful. They took me to level 2. They said, most of bloggers choose upstair, because it has big windows, definitely brighter.

SAM_4683 SAM_4686 SAM_4684 SAM_4685 IMG_6453 IMG_6456 SAM_4688 IMG_6455 IMG_6454


They served 9 portions of large pempek and 1 portion with small pempek variation. All of them were so delicious. But my favourite were pempek keju mozzarela and pempek kapal selam. Can you imagine, pempek with mozzarela cheese inside, melt in your mouth, creamy cheesy flavour, with chewy texture. OMG! And pempek kapal selam will never failed you. Dayum!

Pempek Lenjer Udang Nori 27k


Pempek Lenjer Ikan Nori 27k


Pempek Cabe 27k


Pempek Lenjer Udang Besar 26k


Pempek Lenjer Besar 24k


Pempek Lenjer Cumi 27k


Pempek Keju Mozzarela 24k


Pempek Kapal Selam 24k


Pempek Telor Asin 26k


Variasi pempek kecil @ 8k

Pempek Lenjer Udang Kecil, Pempek Telur Kecil, Pempek Telur Puyuh, Pempek Cumi Kecil, Pempek Keriting, Pempek Ebi, Pempek Lenjer Kecil, Pempek Kulit, Pempek Adaan.

IMG_6475 IMG_6476


Mie Orange Wortel Bakso Pangsit 35k

I love the texture of the noodle. Tasted good too. It’s orange from the carrot. Yes, it’s homemade. Love the minced chicken. I found myself finished the minced chicken before the other ingredients. LOL.

IMG_6470 IMG_6474

Mie Hijau (Caisim) Bakso Pangsit 35k

Same like mie orange wortel, the texture of the noodle was perfect. It’s green from choy sum. Choy sum is a leafy vegetable commonly used in Chinese cuisine. At first, I thought the taste of the noodle will be super weird. Turned out, delicious!

IMG_6471 IMG_6473


Pempek Coklat

They asked me to try this chocolate pempek. It’s unique. But for chocolate lovers like me, it’s a new innovation. I found it very creative. We can eat savoury pempek or sweet pempek. Definitely a good idea. Avant-garde.

IMG_6477 IMG_6478

Thank you Pempek BMI for those delicious pempek. Worth the price. Worth to try. Recommended!

Pempek Belida Mas International (Pempek BMI)
Jl. Garuda No. 34
Kemayoran, Jakarta Utara
Phone: 0812-9747-7007
IG: @pempekbmi



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