Skyloft Restaurant & Lounge all seasons Thamrin Hotel

June 22nd, 2016. Another invitation. Lucky me that I could bring my best friend, Aline, to this event. Actually it’s fast breaking at a restaurant on rooftop. I arrived early before fast breaking time, and we went to R level. R stands for Rooftop. As far as I know, they had renovated the place. And now, it’s getting cozier. SKYLOFT Restaurant & Lounge at All Seasons Thamrin.


The SKYLOFT features indoor and outdoor seating with nightly Live Performance on Friday and Saturday night and bar, is the ideal place for the guest who wants to keep in touch with nice scenery while sipping a cocktail, wine and having light snacks or heavy meals. Get relax in your chair and you can read daily newspapers or weekly magazines, access-able through Wi-fi internet connections. The atmosphere is a mix of contemporary and modern touch, where high ceilings and the imposing nice lighting bar blend in perfect harmony. A perfect place for having breakfast, lunch and dinner or a byte just before a shopping walk or business chit chat. Private parties and Birthday cocktails are also possible.

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An extensive daily Iftar buffet that can be enjoyed for only 220k nett per person. The delicious buffet with breathtaking view. You can eat inside the restaurant or eat at the terrace. Both will make you amazed with the ambiance and environment.

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My favourite were the chicken and the soto betawi. So delicious I won’t share with anybody LOL. And I loved the snacks. I forgot to take pictures of the snacks because I ate it in a jiffy. Hihihi.. The fish were delicious but they were spicy. You know that I didn’t really like spicy food.

IMG_6433 IMG_6441 IMG_6439 IMG_6452 IMG_6442 IMG_6450 IMG_6443 IMG_6444 IMG_6448 IMG_6445 IMG_6446 IMG_6449 IMG_6432

Thank you so much SKYLOFT and all seasons Jakarta Thamrin for those delicious buffet. If you need a place to fast breaking with your family or colleagues, just grab your phone and reserve!

Skyloft Restaurant & Lounge
all seasons Jakarta Thamrin
Jl. Talang Betutu No. 2
Phone: 021-3900010
IG: @skyloftjakarta