Saine Daise Bistro Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) Jakarta

June 20th, 2016. We stranded in a very nice place. I knew about this place from Instagram. I told myself, “I have to go there.” So when Aline asked me to join her to PIK, I said to her, “Let’s try this new place.” The place opened on 11:00am, so before we went there, we tried another new place. And, around 11:45am we arrived at our second destination. Saine Daise.


Saine Daise. I haven’t got a chance to ask the owner about the name. But I concluded that it was from French words. Saine from sain means healthy. Daise from d’aise means with pleasure. So, Saine Daise offered us a healthy food and we can eat with pleasure. Well, sometimes we eat with guilty pleasure, right? Hahaha.. By the way, the bistro is on 2nd level, with the patisserie on 1st level. Please let me show you the ambiance of the place.

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Ami Ebi Angel Hair 80k

One word. Amazing. The presentation is very cute. They made it to look like a sushi roll. But, actually, it was an angel hair pasta, served with black fish roe and ami ebi. And we have to mix it altogether. The fragrant of the truffle oil is really enhanced the scrumptious of the dish.

IMG_6401 IMG_6402

Fresh Blue Swimmer Crab with House Made Black Ink Pasta 150k

Mr. Krabs!! Well, when the dish arrived at our table, that’s all I remembered hahaha.. Actually, they made the pasta al dente. I prefer the mushy one. I told the owner about it, and he said, “It’s very normal for people to have different tastebuds.” I love the crab. It was well-seasoned with delicate flavour. Don’t forget to eat the rockets. Actually, we have to mix the crab and the pasta and the rockets before eat it. Recommended dish!

IMG_6406 IMG_6407

Yuzu Cremeux with Almond Sable 55k

Their desserts are provided by Eio Patisserie. I finally found a dessert that knocks me off my feet. It’s tender and refreshing. The taste of sweet, sour and fresh, mixed together with mushy texture. Actually it should be jiggle-wiggle. So cute, aight? Do not go home without try this one. It’s a must-try-dessert.

The yuzu (Citrus ichangensis × C. reticulata, formerly C. junos Siebold ex. Tanaka; Japanese ユズ, 柚, 柚子 (yuzu); 유자 (yuja) in Korean; from Chinese 柚子, yòuzi but sometimes also 香橙 (xiāngchéng)) is a citrus fruit and plant originating in East Asia.

Cremeux (French for “creamy”) is a dense, soft, classic pudding that’s the new darling of many American pastry chefs. Leong gives her super-chocolaty version a salty edge; it’s delightful with fruit, cookies and ice cream, or topped with a dab of whipped cream.


Cheese Cake from Eio 200k (whole cake)

They didn’t sell the cheese cake in slice portion. You have to buy the whole cake. But it’s worth it. It’s the best cheesecake ever! I couldn’t remember when I ate cheesecake with this passion. Finished in a jiffy. The texture was adorably delicate. Tasted not too sweet, not too sour. Creamy, with a pillowy and cotton soft character.

IMG_6400 IMG_6405

Definitely one of the best place to eat. Will be back for other dishes and desserts.

Saine Daise Bistro
Jln. Mandara Permai VII Blok 6 KA
Pantai Indah Kapuk , Jakarta
Phone: 021-30051662
IG: @saine.daise



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