Epigastro Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) Jakarta

June 20th, 2016. It’s been while since I went to Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) area NOT in the morning. LOL. Well, I ordered GoCar for my trip to PIK and waited for my bestfriend, Aline and her sister, Vania to pick me up at the roadside. First destination. Epigastro.


Epigastro, located in Ruko Crown Golf, is a restaurant with healthy concept. They have Epitome. A fitness centre that offers active lifestyle culture and experience. Their motto is: Discover your full potential and reach it by yourself with no pressure. But we won’t talk about the fitness centre. No. No way. Hahaha.. We will talk about Epigastro. kitchen / juice bar / grocer. When I came in, I fell in love with the place in a jiffy. It was very bright with big windows all over the place. The seat with leaves on the wall, my favourite!

SAM_4634 IMG_6382 IMG_6384 SAM_4633 SAM_4632 IMG_6377 SAM_4631 SAM_4630 IMG_6379 IMG_6386 IMG_6385 IMG_6381 IMG_6383 IMG_6380

spicy crispy tofu in salted egg sauce 40k

golden crispy tofu in creamy salted egg sauce, curry leaves and fresh chili

The texture of the tofu was perfect. But this was not my favourite at the time. First bite and I just knew that I needed more taste in it. I couldn’t taste the salted egg sauce. Please gimme more. Gimme more salted egg sauce. Pretty please.


beef parmigiana 120k

pan fried breaded beef cutlet with cheese and nori, served over organic pasta

In love. That’s what I felt when I ate this dish. The beef cutlet and cheese. A splendid combination on my palate. The organic pasta was in perfect texture, too. And it tasted very delicious. Too bad it’s Vania’s order, I couldn’t take the food and hide it in my tummy. LOL. But this one was recommended! Such a delicious pasta.

“To fall in love with someone’s thoughts – the most intimate, splendid romance.”  Sanober Khan.

IMG_6389 IMG_6391

nasi campur bali 90k

organic red and white coconut rice pilaf with sate lilit, urap, bhotok and crispy fried chicken

It was spicy. I knew right away after I saw the sambal matah hahaha. But, I enjoyed the dish. The organic red and white coconut rice pilaf was delicious. Smell good with good texture. The sate lilit were spicy but very well-seasoned. If you like nasi campur bali, you must like this nasi campur bali.

Pilaf is a dish in which rice is cooked in a seasoned broth. In some cases, the rice may also attain its brown colour by being stirred with pieces of cooked onion, as well as a mix of spices. 


I love the place. I think I will be back again. See you soon, Epigastro!

Ruko Crown Golf, Blok A No. 57
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
Phone: 021-29523777
IG: @epigastro

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