[EVENT] Majestic Middle Eastern Breakfasting at JW Marriott Jakarta

June 17th, 2016. Fast breaking is really really happening every night. That night I got a couple invitations but I had to choose, right? So yeah, I came to one of my favourite hotel. Sailendra at JW Marriott Hotel.


“This Ramadan season, JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta features the festivity of Moroccan, Turkish, Lebanese and Egypt dishes as the offer for Ramadan breakfasting in our award winning Sailendra Restaurant” said Karan Berry, General Manager of JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta. Middle Eastern dishes are known for their richness in taste and heritage. It will be highlighted during the holy month of Ramadan, from 6 June to 6 July 2016 at Sailendra Restaurant.

To complete these four authentic delicacies, Sailendra will serve Indonesian traditional tajil to break the fast and the well-known Sailendra’s international buffet array, among others are the famous tandoori chicken, sup buntut, sushi and sashimi, wood-fired oven pizza, and many more.

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I always feel welcome in Sailendra and JW Marriott Hotel. The hospitality and the ambiance. Feel like at home. Well, actually I came a little late that night. I had another event in the afternoon. I met few besties and came to an invitation. After that, blame the traffic jam hahaha. Well, before it, we dropped by at some place to have drink and snack. Then, he dropped me in front of JW Marriott. And I ran. I was so late. LOL.

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In welcoming the fasting month, the award winning Restaurant will take you to the adventure of delicious dishes to break the fast from different countries. Start the culinary journey from the opening of the holy month until 12 June with a lineup of mouth-watering Moroccan breakfasting dishes. Moroccan food is known for its extensive use of spices and Mediterranean fruits and vegetables. Influenced by a rich and diverse North African history, Moroccan dishes ranging from surprisingly simple to intriguingly complex. Sample the aromatic and spicy food of the vibrant country, such as spiced lamb shanks with prunes and chicken tagine with preserved lemon green olives and thyme.

Turkish food has the extra privilege of being at the cross-roads of the Far-East and the Mediterranean. All these unique characteristics and history have bestowed upon the Turkish Cuisine a rich and varied number of dishes. For your excellent breakfasting option, Mezzeh – selection of small dishes as appetizers and Fish Pilaki – fish cooked in a sauce are the authentic Turkish dishes ready to be served for the second week of Ramadan from 13 June until 19 June to break your fast.

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Have a stop to the eastern of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon, and savor its famous Beef Makloubi. Made of meat, rice, and fried vegetables placed in a pot, it is served “maqluba” or upside-down as it named, which surely will turn your taste bud upside-down on the third week of Ramadan which is from 20 – 26 June.

Break your last week of fasting with Egyptian cuisine. Bread made from a simple recipe forms the backbone of Egyptian cuisine. It is consumed at almost all Egyptian meal and commonly used as a utensil, at the same time providing carbohydrates and protein. Egyptians use bread to scoop up food, sauces, and dips and to wrap kebabs, falafel, and the like in the manner of sandwiches. Experience this unique tradition from 27 June to 6 July.

With price starts from 338k++ to 418k++ per person, you could enjoy the unique flavors of each country at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta to break your fast. During the Ramadhan be entertained by the Arabian live music performance, live from Monday to Friday starting from 6:00pm until 8:30 pm. Sailendra Restaurant will also present Sufi dance performance every Friday evening.


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For those who love local delicacies, Pearl Chinese Restaurant offers the authentic array of Balinese and Padang dishes. Delight in the bold and tasty dishes to break your fast for 298k++ per person, including ta’jil and free flow non-alcoholic beverages.

Towards the Eid Al-Fitr, special hampers packages are offered as a gift for family, friends, or business partners. Jasmine hampers available at 799k+ filled with six cookies of your choice and Orchid hampers available at 499k+ filled with three cookies of your choice. Our home-made caookies are also on offer such as dates cakes, kastengel, kuma, macaron pandan, nastar and praline financier. Adding more options to the occasion is Sailendra’s Dining Gift Voucher which also available as the perfect gift to your business partners.

Start planning your breakfasting gathering with family, friends and colleagues at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta. For more information and reservation, please call (021) 5798 8888.

Thanks Sailendra and JW Marriott and everybody. Thanks for having me.

JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta
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Kav. E.1.2 No. 1 & 2
Mega Kuningan, Jakarta 12950
Phone: 021-57988888
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