Red & co. Plaza Indonesia Thamrin Jakarta

June 11th, 2016. I was invited to attend a foodtasting at Plaza Indonesia. Actually it’s not a new place, but I thought all this time it was only sell wines. Turns out, it’s a restaurant. Red & co.


Located on the basement level, Red & Co. is very easy to find. With red and black colour, it looks cool yet simple. It’s not spacious. I think it’s only for 20-30 people. But it’s quite nice for a place to have lunch or dinner with friends, or your drinking buddies. But now, please enjoy my simple review. 🙂

SAM_4506 SAM_4504 SAM_4503 IMG_6185 IMG_6184


Lychee 45k



Prawn Butter 55k

sautéed prawn in lemon butter sauce

It was buttery. Also salty and sweet with a little hint of spicy and garlicky. Love the juicy prawn. It’s one of the best light bites, I guess. Actually I ate only a couple of it, and when I left the table for a second, it was gone. LOL.


Truffle Fries 65k

fried french fries mix with truffle oil and grana padano cheese



Dancing Pasta 85k

pasta with homemade oyster chili sauce squids and shrimps topped with katsuobushi

This is recommended menu, I think. Katsuobushi sprinkles’ dancing on top of the menu when the pasta served at the table. Savory with a slightly spicy taste. Hmmm.. buono.



Pork Belly Fried Rice 75k

fried rice with dice pork belly, egg, crackers, pickle and sambal ijo on the side

It’s like a love affair between pork belly and fried rice. Secretly in love but not everybody know. Hahahaha. Well, it’s delicious and addictive. But I prefer the pork belly cut in bigger size. I hardly knew where the pork belly went. But other than that, no complaint.


Poached Chicken with Hainan Rice 85k

chinese poached chicken served with hainan rice, chili, and soy sauce

I overheard my fellow foodies that this one was just okay. But, when I tried, it was quite good. In fact, I loved it. Hahaha. The hainan rice was very fragrant with succulent poached chicken. The chicken was tender and moist. Love it when I didn’t have to eat dry chicken. Recommended.


Red & co. Lomie Noodle Soup 85k

Red & co. special soup with prawn, dory fish and lo mie noodle

Love the dory fish. Not very fond of the lo mie noodle. But the special soup was quite delicious and fresh. It’s a sweet and sour soup with a little hint of spicy flavour. If you like soup like this, you should try it.

IMG_6169 IMG_6173

Bebek Goreng Sambal Ijo 95k

fried duck, ikan asin balado, sambal ijo, crackers served with jasmine rice

I like the fried duck. The meat was tender and tasty with lovely texture. I tried a small bite because I was busy with my hainan rice LOL. But I guess everybody loved it. 🙂


Oxtail Fried Rice 95k

fried rice with oxtail meat, egg, crackers, pickle and sambal ijo on the side

Quite small oxtail, so I only tried a small bite. But the fried rice was appetizing. A nice option if you cannot eat pork belly fried rice. Smell good with great flavour of rice. Definitely a keeper.


Thank you Red & co. for the delicious lunch. Now I know that at Red & co. I can find good food to eat. Not only wines. 🙂

Red & co.
Plaza Indonesia LB#061
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.28-30
Menteng, Jakarta
Phone: 021-31900386
IG: @rednco