Mister Sunday Cikajang Senopati Jakarta

May 29th, 2016. I went to Cikajang at Senopati area to try a new place. Yaaaay new place.. Well, one of my friends saw the picture in social media about a dessert that make her drooling. LOL. She asked if we want to go there. And I said, “Yes, we must go there.” Hello, Mister Sunday.


Located on second floor, Mister Sunday is so beautiful with the white ambiance. Do not be surprised when you look at the first floor, because it was still under construction. You just go upstair to level 2. And voila, it’s like you arrived in another world.

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The Menu


French toast with crispy pork bacon 85k

and melted Gruyère cheese

I love french toast. Mix it with crispy pork bacon and melted cheese. Blasty!! Combine it with maple syrup and powdered sugar. Unique taste between sweet and savoury. For the texture of the french toast, I prefer more crunchy.

Gruyère is a hard yellow cheese, named after the town of Gruyères in Switzerland, and originated in the cantons of Fribourg, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Jura, and Berne, known colloquially as the King’s cheese.


Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon 85k

on a bed of sautéed spinach and Mesclun lettuce with Béarnaise sauce

For me, the eggs were excellent. When we cut it, it melted perfectly. The smoked salmon was also superb. Too bad I didn’t like the Béarnaise sauce. Too sour for me. But my friends thought it needed more kick in the sauce.

Bearnaise or Béarnaise sauce is a sauce made of clarified butter emulsified in egg yolks and white wine vinegar and flavored with herbs.


Pork belly open brioche sandwich 110k

dressed with Sambal Matah, coriander labna, tomato cherries and Mesclun lettuce

Second best. The pork belly was generous!! Actually from the presentation, I gave 9.5. It was very beautiful and colourful. When I tried the sandwich, I love it. But, as my friend said, we prefer to have the pork belly with rice. LOL. The pork belly was tender yet crunchy. And to combine it with sambal matah, what a smart move. Tasty and delicious. Recommended!

Brioche is a pastry of French origin that is similar to a highly enriched bread, and whose high egg and butter content give it a rich and tender crumb.


Roasted Lamb with broccoli and potatoes 180k

drizzled with red wine dressing

Recommended dish. The roasted lamb was very tender and juicy. The red wine dressing enhanced the taste of the lamb. Smell good with well-seasoned taste. OMG. Melt in my mouth. I still remember the taste of it hmmmm so delicious!! I think you guys should try the roasted lamb. Worth the price!


Egg-less Noir Lindt Chocolate Cake with Pistachio 45k

We loved it! Yes, not only me. But my other friends also said so. It was soft, moist and gooey. Surprise, it’s egg-less. Hihihihi.. The chocolate was sweet but not too sweet. It looked delicious, and indeed tasted delicious. I hate myself for sharing it with my friends LOL.


Salted Caramel Brownie 30k

I was told that this one was dabomb. It was delicious, but somehow I prefer the previous chocolate cake. I hope they added more salted caramel hahaha. But, truly, the texture of the brownie was perfect. I think I have to go back there again to eat the whole portion hahaha..


Congratulations Mister Sunday for the opening. Definitely will be back. Definitely!!! Good luck Mister Sunday. Keep up the good cakes! *big grin*

Mister Sunday
Jl. Cikajang No.30
Kebayoran Baru, Senopati
Phone: 081286873131
IG: @hello_mrsunday