Asiatale Resto & Bar Suryo Senopati Jakarta

June 3rd, 2016. I saw the place a few days before. I said to my friends, “Hmm new place.” But from outside, it looked so classy. I didn’t have the courage to go there by myself. I was afraid it was a fine dining place. On Thursday, I met my best friend, Aline, on an event. There, she asked me to accompanying her to a new place at Senopati area. She said, “I wanna try the dimsum.” And I said, “Yes! I will come. See you tomorrow then.” So, on Friday I came to the place. Asiatale.


Located at Suryo street near Senopati area, Asiatale have 2 levels. The first level for non smoking area, the second level for smoking area. When I came in, I saw the big sake bottle in front of the place. Eye-catching with fish mural. The ambiance was also casual with red and green and yellow colours all over the place. Come, let me show you around. They have open kitchen on level one. Also the bar is in level one. Such a lovely place to eat.

IMG_5907 SAM_4388 SAM_4389 IMG_5913 SAM_4390 IMG_5910 IMG_5911 SAM_4391 IMG_5892

Now we went to level 2. They have beautiful mural. Chinese man and woman in one wall, and frames in another. Don’t forget to admire the beautiful lampoons. It was very beautiful. It will make you feel comfortable and soooo chinese. LOL. Too bad they don’t sell pork. #NoPorkNoLard *sobbing*

SAM_4365 IMG_5908 SAM_4367 SAM_4371 IMG_5912 IMG_5891

Ice Lemon Tea


Ho Chiak Fried Kway Teow with Duck Egg 35k

Wok seared flat rice noodle with special shifu sambal

We ordered this one because the server told us that we choose salted egg sauce. *hooray for salted egg!!!* But it was a disappointment for us when the dish arrived in front of us and no salted egg sauce. We told the server and she said sorry. After that, one kitchen person came to us and said that, “There’s been a misunderstanding. The chef told us that it’s not salted egg. It’s duck egg.” *kaboom!!* So we smiled and accepted the fact that no salted egg in our kway teow. *sobbing together* Actually, it was a little bit tasteless. Maybe they should add more seasoning.

IMG_5896 IMG_5897

Crispy Baby Squid 58k

Deep fried special spiced batter baby squid served with dipping sauce

It’s Aline’s order. But, for me, it’s failed also. The squid was quite fishy. We told the person in charge there, and he said he will improve the quality of it. The texture was fine. It’s only the fishy thing.


Asiatale Har Gao 24k

Thin and translucent shrimp dumpling

Har gao is one regular menu in dimsum restaurant. Juicy shrimp inside the delicious thin skin. It’s so hard to find delicious har gao in some chinese restaurants, but this one was the delicious one. The shrimp was also very fresh. Crunchy with a sweet taste. Recommended!


Chicken & Prawn Shumai 24k

Minced Chicken & Prawn steamed dumpling topped with fish roe

Shumai was also a regular menu in a restaurant that serve dimsum menus. It’s not easy to make shumai. You have to make it tender yet juicy. And this menu from Asiatale dimsum wasn’t a disappointment at all. We love it. I prefer pork shumai, of course. But for a kosher menu, this shumai got my approval. LOL.


BBQ Chicken Bun “Cha Siu Bao” 24k

Popular chinese steamed bun with barbeque chicken filling

Love the steamed bun. It was soft and tender with generous meat. But for me, I prefer the barbeque chicken filling will be sweeter. Or they can give a sweet sauce for us to dip the bun, enhanced the taste of the barbeque chicken filling.

IMG_5900 IMG_5905

Salted Egg Yolk Sesame Ball 26k

Deep fried glutinous rice ball filled with creamy salted egg custard

This was dabomb. I think I will be back only for this ball. OMG! Those melted salted egg yolk! OMG! One bite in your mouth, and it was a blast! Perfect texture with perfect taste. *drooling*

IMG_5898 IMG_5902

Portuguese Egg Tart 24k

Macau famous egg tart

Butterlicious mini egg tart. One swallow and you will taste a delicious blast in your mouth. Rich yellow egg custardy will never failed you. It was smooth and creamy with a crumbly buttery crust. Recommended one.


Congratulations for the opening, Asiatale. Definitely will be back again for some delicious dimsums. Pssst, don’t forget, they have live music at night from Wednesday to Saturday.

Asiatale Resto & Bar
Jl. Suryo No. 15
Senopati, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 021-22775599
IG: @asiatale



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