Fillmore Coffee Karet Kuningan Setiabudi Jakarta

May 14th, 2016. First time coming to this new coffee shop with a friend of mine. 2 days after their opening date. And I came again on May 22nd and May 28th with another friends. A friend said to me, “You’re really addicting to this place!!” Hahaha. But it’s so true. The place is really beautiful. It’s small but comfortable. There’s something about this place that will make you wanna stay all day long. Fillmore Coffee.


Located in H Sidik street, in Suites at Seven, a private residence. I know the area whole my life, because it’s where my mom’s best friend stayed a long time ago. And I used to play with my friends (owner’s cousins, still related to me) there. So yeah, I know exactly the place. And I was shocked when my mom said, they’re like my very very distant cousins. LOL. What a small world.

IMG_5809 IMG_5810 IMG_5580

When I came to the place, I fell in love with the ambiance. It was very cozy and of course, instagenic. Cannot stop from staring at the beautiful place. I think it will be my favourite place to do my blogging things. And yes, you will find me there a lot with my macbook and cameras. LOL.

IMG_5576 SAM_4333 IMG_5575 IMG_5808 SAM_4332 IMG_5574

@iscaketory pastry

IMG_5807 IMG_5806

Galette Des Rois 25k

French butter galette with almond paste inside.

Crunchy and sweet. Not too sweet but sweet enough for me. Always love almond paste. My friend, Gaby, ordered this one, and I was lucky that I could try this. Will order it again next time I go to Fillmore Coffee.

Three versions exist: in northern France, Quebec, and Belgium the cake called galette des rois (which can be either circular or rectangular) consists of flaky puff pastry layers with a dense center of frangipane or apple. 


Poached Egg Croissant 25k

I saw someone post this to Instagram. And I saw the comment that it was very very delicious. In fact, I ordered this because I saw the picture hahaha. I love the bread. It was ini a great texture. But it’s not that special. I think I prefer the egg was soft-boiled. So it will melt my heart when I break the egg. Hihihi..


Cappucino 36k


Gibraltar 35k

Originated from San Francisco

I tried this one. And it was too strong for me. But it was a good coffee. I know. Well, I cannot drink too much coffee, but I know when I tried good coffee. *big grin*


Hot Chocolate 40k

First time order this, I was a little bit disappointed. It was more like hot milk with chocolate. Not hot chocolate with milk. So, I told the owner, and she said, she will improve the hot chocolate. When I came again, it was so much better. And, the owner told me that he changed the chocolate supplier. And he asked me, “How is it?” I said, “Delicious! I prefer this one. It’s more delicious.” Yaaaaay..

IMG_5582 IMG_5815

Even though they have 2 levels, I prefer the first level, indoor. The 2nd level is smaller and hotter. So yeah, definitely first level. Well, congratulations Fillmore Coffee. You’ve successfully stole everyone’s hearts. Great job!


Fillmore Coffee
Suites at Seven
Jl. H.Sidik No.7
Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi
Phone: 0815-9305-888
IG: @fillmorecoffeejkt

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