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May 22nd, 2016. I came to Pacific Place with my best friend, Aline. I asked her to accompanying me to an invitation. I knew that there’s a new place in Pacific Place, but I thought it’s a super fine-dining place. Turned out it’s not that intimidating. LOL. In fact, it’s a very unique place. The outside made me feel so comfortable with casual look. And the inside was a little bit elegant with a cool bar. Well, just go to Pacific Place and find it. Chamber Food and Spirits.


The idea was developed from The Great Gatsby Movie, which is give Glamorous and Vintage atmosphere. As we also can see at the wall decoration shows some Legendary actress and actor. And the Material’s idea was adopted from wine industry at the era of 1920, that we can see the combination of wood and iron.

Chamber is a restaurant and bottle shop. So you will find bottles in there. Lots of bottles. About the menu, Chamber changes menu every 2 months. It’s also quite new, since mid February. And the menu below is April menu. Don’t forget to try Chamber for your choice of restaurant to eat with family or friends. By the way, I was having stomach-ache when I came to Chamber. So please be nice to my review. LOL.

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The Menu



English Breakfast 45k



Sense of Liberty 50k

Passion fruit, peach, mango, ice cream vanilla, passion fruit syrup



Jagung Bakar 85k

Grilled corn on the cob marinated with butter and beef floss

Love the grilled corn. It’s delicious and sweet. Well, typical grilled corn, of course. But, the beauty of this dish was the beef floss. *floss confetti* LOL. The chef tried to fool me and told me that the beef floss was homemade. I amazed and he said, “No, just kidding!” Hahahaha.. poor me. Too easy to be fooled.



Baby Chicken 170K

Roasted baby chicken on mixed salad served with mushroom sauce and mashed potato

Love the mashed potato. The mushy texture with delicious taste, made me finish it in a jiffy. Well, I had to be nice to my tummy. So I didn’t eat spicy food that day. I just ate mashed potato with the baby chicken. The baby chicken was tender, of course. But I prefer it will be more juicy. I didn’t eat the salad. But I believed it was very fresh. 🙂


US Rib Konro 395K

US short rib konro soup served with steamed rice

The US Rib Konro was definitely well-seasoned. The texture of the meat was perfect. Tender and juicy. The soup enhanced the flavour of the short rib. And I love the steamed rice. Rice-lovers! LOL.



Bebek Goreng Madura 150K

Crispy duck and mango sambal hijau served with steamed rice

 Love the duck. Crispy outside, tender inside. But too bad, I couldn’t eat the mango sambal hijau. Love my tummy more. Hahaha. Maybe next time I try the mango sambal hijau when I eat this crispy duck again. The duck wasn’t smelly at all. Recommended.


Thanks Chamber for those lovely food. Definitely will be back for more delicious meal.


Chamber Food and Spirits
Pacific Place Ground Floor 51B
SCBD Lot. 3-5
Jl. Tulodong Atas No.2
Phone: 021-57973128
IG: @chamberjkt

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